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Senior Curricular Innovation Specialist

Courses Participating in the Pilot

Here are the courses that will be helping us to evaluate Canvas during the fall semester: Middlebury Undergraduate College AMST 0260A FA15: American Disability Studies: History, Meanings, and Cultures – Susan Burch AMST 0295A FA15: Across the Great Divide: Science, Humanities, and the American Landscape – Timothy Spears and Andrea Lloyd AMST 0307A FA15: Issues...

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External Apps

Canvas has a library of external services that can be used in a course space. Some of these services are free, faculty and students need only create an account. Others require licensing. The ability to add integration with these services can offer faculty and students flexibility for classroom activity. There are a few services available...

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Courses Have Been Created

38 course spaces have been created in Canvas. Faculty have been given access to their spaces, and students have been added. We have 25 Undergraduate College courses, 9 Institute of International Studies at Monterey courses, 2 Schools Abroad Chile courses, and 2 Institute of Hebrew Studies courses. 7 are language courses. There are 4 Political...

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Getting Help with Canvas

Instructure provides direct support for faculty and students. You can contact Instructure for help with Canvas in the following ways: Tier I Support for faculty and students 24/7/365 Call: ­ 844-­747­-2605 Email: There is also a Quick Start Student Guide at h​ttp:// and general Canvas Guides at­ h​ttp://​ All of these resources are accessible from...

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Why Do A Pilot?

Since it has launched over 1,200 colleges, universities and school districts have adopted Canvas, including many of our peer and neighboring institutions, including Amherst,  Williams, Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth. It uses modern technology and service management, has a user-centric design, and the features that are common to an LMS are easier to find and use. Some of the...

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Fall 2015 Pilot Schedule

The Canvas pilot will occur during the Fall 2015 semester at the Middlebury Undergraduate College and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. This is a schedule of the major milestones of the pilot. Week of August 10th – MIIS courses and instructor accounts created, first draft rosters imported into Canvas Friday, August 14th...

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