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Update: Snow Bowl phone system restored

Telephone service at the Snow Bowl was restored last evening, 1/19/16.    802-443-SNOW (7669)

The Snow Bowl telephone system is out of service until some parts can be replaced – either later this afternoon or tomorrow, January 20.  If you need to contact them by phone in the mean time, the back up telephone number is 388-2871.

Telephone System Disruption

The campus telephone  system had a large data loss over the weekend.  Our vendor is adding back the data, but it will take several hours to do so.  At present the following functions are affected.

  • Extensions that were newly assigned or changed location since June 2012 may have no dial tone or are not assigned to the correct location.
  • Incoming calls not answered are diverting to the main campus voice mail greeting instead of an individual’s personal voice mailbox.
  • Outgoing toll calls cannot be made by dialing 9.  A telephone authorization code is required.

Another update will be posted later this evening.


Peggy Fischel

ITS Telephone Services

ITS student printing updates

Information Technology Services updated some printing services over the summer:

Visit go/howtoprint to view our updated instructions on how to print to a public printer

  • Cash Cards replace credit cards.

In the event you need to increase your print page quota, PaperCut cash cards have replaced the online credit card system.  Purchase cards at Wilson Café in Davis Family Library, MiddXpress in McCullough, or the College Store in Proctor Hall.

New public color printer in Davis Family Library

The color copier in room 142 of Davis Library has been reconfigured to also provide color printing for students.  The PaperCut queue is LIB_PUBLIC_COLOR1.  The Xerox printer outside Wilson Media Lab will only be used as a back-up if the machine in 142 is down for any reason.  The Xerox queue has been renamed LIB_PUBLIC_COLOR2.



Public Copying in Davis Family Library now on the PaperCut System

Students can now use their PaperCut quota for copying in addition to printing.  Those students who surpass their quota can re-charge their accounts online in the PaperCut system using a credit card.  For instructions, see this link:

In Davis Family Library, there is a black & white copier in room 242 and in 303, plus a color copier in room 142.   A color copier In the lower level of Armstrong Library will be available the week of September 12.

Guests, and students without credit cards who need to re-charge their accounts, can use the system by purchasing cash cards.  See the instructions at the above link for more information.

Davis and Armstrong public copiers not available this week

A new PaperCut public printing and copying management system is being configured this week which necessitates the libraries’ public copiers be temporarily shutdown.  The Equitrac Canon copiers were removed yesterday and Kyocera machines were installed.  Once the Kyocera multi-function machines are configured both public printing and copying will be combined into one system.   Students will be able to use their quota for copying as well as printing and can add money using a credit card.