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Announcing non-refundable billing fees for library items

In an effort to get library materials back in a more timely fashion so that others can use them, LIS has put in place a non-refundable billing fee of $25 for items that are returned after the billing charges for non-returned items have been initiated. Items returned before the charges are moved to the college bill will not be billed. If an item is returned after it is transferred to the college bill, the replacement charge will be credited, minus the $25 billing fee. Note that if the item has already been replaced, you will be billed the full replacement charge. Please see the full library replacement and fine policy here. Please contact Library Circulation with any questions.

Summer Language Study Carrels

The library has once again designated several suites of carrels as specific Language Study Carrels. The carrels in the suites are available on a first come, first served basis and may not be reserved. A map of the suites can be found here, and more information regarding carrels in the library can be found here.

Which items have circulated the most?

A student asked me the other day which item has circulated the most in the library. Having no idea, I created a list in Millennium to find out. Here are the spellbinding results:

* There are 1102 items that have circulated more than 50 times

* Of those…
– 510 are DVDs
– 178 are student laptops and power adapters
– 96 are 1-day equipment
– 86 are books
– 81 are 4-hour equipment
– the rest include 12 CD’s, 1 music score, various keys, reserves, and 3 VHS tapes

* The top 151 items are keys or equipment

* No. 152 on the list is the DVD 21 Grams, with 261 circs

* The highest circulating books is the always popular Single Variable Calculus, which any circ desk worker knows by both sight and weight, with 216 circs

Any guesses on No. 1? It has circulated 1698 times. Unimaginable praise and accolades* to anyone who guesses correctly (who does not already know and/or does not use Create Lists to find out on their own).

*Note: praise and accolades may be more imaginable than advertised.

Library and Helpdesk Hours for Memorial Day Weekend

The Davis Family Library and Helpdesk is open 9-5 for the rest of this week, including Saturday and Sunday. The library and Helpdesk will be closed Monday for Memorial Day, then open 9-5 the rest of next week.

The Armstrong Library is open 9-5 the rest of this week, then closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

For a full listing of library and/or Helpdesk hours, please consult go/hours.

24/7 exam period at the Libraries

The Davis Family Library will be providing extended hours during the last week of classes and the exam period.

24/7 hours will start at 7:30 am on Tuesday, 5/8 and will end at 8 pm on Tuesday, 5/22. Bring your ID – card access is required between 11 pm and 7:30 am (9 am on Saturday and Sunday). Guest passwords for computer access will not be issued between the hours of 11 pm and 8 am.

Armstrong Library will have regular hours during this period, with later closing times on Friday 5/18 and Saturday 5/19.

Check here for up to date hours at all Libraries.

Library Circulation is looking for input from you!

Circulation is looking to you, the users of the library, for input on circulation policies, loan rules, and the like. Please take a few minutes to take a brief survey and let us know how we can make your life even better than we already do.

Students and Staff – go/circsurvey-st
Faculty – go/circsurvey-fac

Library hours for March 30th-April 1st

Both libraries will be closed tomorrow, FRIDAY, March 30th for an LIS in-service day. Armstrong Library is closed Saturday and Sunday, as well CORRECTION: Armstrong will be open from 4pm-midnight on Sunday, April 1st. The Davis Family Library will be closed Saturday, but open full hours (9am-1am) on Sunday, April 1st. For a full listing of hours, please visit go/hours.