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Not Just Any Tips. These Are Our TOP Tips!

Top Tips for Research

Do you feel stuck? Not sure what to do next? No need to feel stressed. Middlebury Librarians want to help you get back on track.

Here are our Top Tips for Starting Your Research.

Reminder: Librarians are ready to guide you through any stage of library research, from refining a topic, to revising search terms, to identifying, selecting and citing sources. Hours, contact info and FAQs.

Make an Appointment with a Librarian (and Other Advice for First-Years)

Hey, first-year students! Now that you’re settled in to campus, it’s time to explore the libraries a little more. Here’s some insider advice to get you going (thanks, College Newsroom!):

What Every First-Year Student Should Know about Middlebury Libraries

P.S. You can meet all of the librarians at

Hey, Class of 2022!

Hey, Class of 2022

Is the Research Desk in your toolkit yet? Come and talk with a librarian when you start your first assignment. You’ll find that we are always happy to help. You don’t even need a question! Just tell us what you’re working on. Together, we can figure out what you’ll need to do first, next and last.

Fall Research Desk Hours
(September 10 – December 14, 2018)

  • Sunday 1pm-5pm
  • Monday 11am-5pm and 7pm-9:30pm
  • Tuesday 11am-5pm and 7pm-9:30pm
  • Wednesday 11am-5pm and 7pm-9:30pm
  • Thursday 11am-5pm
  • Friday 11am-4pm

And online anytime!
go/askalibrarian/ or

Have a question outside of the Research Desk hours?
Visit us in our offices! Librarians are conveniently located right behind the Research Desk.

God’s Library – a poem

Thanks to poet Gary Margolis for sharing this library-related poem.

God’s Library

You wouldn’t mind dying
if you could assume
on that first heavenly night
you’d awake in God’s
library. Each star a book.

Each fire. And there’d be
more than enough time
to browse the sky, to sit
in a soft chair and read
a few opening words.

Before you dozed.
Before you realized
where you were.
And you could check out
a book for the better part

of eternity. Use the moon
as a bookmark.
Write in the margin,
if there was an image,
a thought, you never wanted

to forget. If God was
the universe’s librarian.
Who didn’t mind you
sleeping on the floor
in the stacks. Who didn’t

need you to look up,
Books To Read
On The First Night
Of Your Death.
Assuming your loved ones

had said all their prayers.
Were beginning to sort
through your things.
Finding, book after book,
long overdue.

Don’t Let the Summer “Pass” You By

Explore Vermont PosterSeptember is right around the corner, so it’s time to start wrapping up your summer checklist. Go out and explore Vermont! Borrow a pass at the Davis Family Library Circulation Desk for free or reduced entry fees at:

Learn how to borrow these passes, and what the benefits are, at: VT Historic Sites Pass now available and ECHO Pass now available.

How do you say “Kaboom!” in your summer language?

Graphic novelsLike your French and Spanish with pictures on the side? We’ve got just the thing for you. Come and check out (literally!) the French- and Spanish-language comics and graphic novels we’ve put on the cart in the Davis Family Library atrium. (Yes, you may borrow them!)

We have a lot, and we’re eager to refill. So if you want to see more colorful covers, and texts in your summer language, be sure to come and get these!

P.S. Looking for books in other languages? Use the links in our research guides: