Weekly Web Updates – December 14, 2015

New Features

There is now a view in the Middlebury Drupal site that can display a list of specific news stories. Using the following shortcode and replacing the last two numbers with the node ids of the stories to be displayed:


This is being used to compile a “top stories of 2015” list, but could also be used for lists of related stories.

We have added the Sentinel and Whitney web fonts. These will be used going forward in place of text that had to be an image file because it used the Bembo or Memphis fonts.


Tweaks and Fixes

  • A programming error prevented showing more than 19 items at a time using the Drupal RSS Page content type. We have resolve this, though you will need to edit your existing content and re-save it with the desired number of items if it is not already displaying correctly. The issue only affected RSS Page nodes where more than 10 items were to be shown.
  • All comments on the MIIS Drupal website now must be approved before being displayed. Previously, people who were logged in to the site could bypass the approval process.
  • We are in the process of retiring the “Translucence” theme from our sites. We have removed those which were not being used, including Freelance Database, Blue Landscape, Green Scholar, Classics, ShadowBox, Translucence Map, and Translucence Suite.
  • Though we have not yet had to use this, there is an emergency alert bar on the Middlebury and MIIS Drupal websites that can be used to show short messages. We have corrected this so that it will appear above the editing interface when you’re logged into the site and will stay attached to the top of the page as you scroll.
  • The results from the Online Directory’s web service are now limited to 100 records at a time. These are the results returned when you click “Directory” on the Drupal search results page.
  • The MiddSTART site theme was updated to ensure that links appear correctly in the “Media” section of project posts.
  • MIIS admissions has moved to a new online application form and we’ve updated a number of server-side redirects in our Drupal site and CDN to send people to the new system instead of the old self-service-Banner form.

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