Friday Links – September 27

Interactive Storytelling – There has been a lot of interest in the article “Snow Fall – The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek” as presented by the New York Times. (If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check it out!) Bear 71 is another example of interactive storytelling. It is the “true story of a female grizzly bear monitored by wildlife conservation officers from 2001 – 2009.” The National Film Board of Canada presents this film as well as a variety of other interactive media which can be viewed here.

“Signals” help students graduate: “Signals … keeps track of how students approach class work. Taking in about 20 data points [from the CMS] such as whether or not a student has completed online reading or watched online lectures, it measures the data against test and assignment grades, and ‘signals’ students how they are doing with green, yellow, or red lights for each course. The signals are scheduled throughout each course by the instructor.”



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