Finds of the Week in the Wilson Media Lab

Just wanted to share some tool tips that some of the digital media tutors have found while working on projects in the lab:

  • Ask Sam M. about integrating hover text into a WordPress blog for language support
  • Ask Jaweed about password protecting a section of a WordPress site
  • Ask Zhenyu about his findings in testing out the Peer Review activity in Moodle

Did you learn something cool this week? Let us know!



2 thoughts on “Finds of the Week in the Wilson Media Lab

  1. Heather Stafford Post author

    It’s a bit of a hybrid solution that the tutor designed by integrating the CM ToolTip plug in for glossary terms with hyperlinks created by the tutor. Users can hover over (or click) the text to see the translation, but the terms identified on each page can vary.


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