Sunday Morning Maintenance

On Sunday, March 3rd, during downtime we will be changing the url of our WordPress instance from “” to “”

This work will begin at 8:00AM. It is expected that the change will take approximately one hour. During this time the web server will be shut down and you will not be able to read, comment on, or edit content hosted on WordPress.

The following message was sent to WordPress site owners on Thursday, the 22nd:

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey on the change from “blogs” to “sites.”

On Sunday, February 24th, during downtime we will be changing the url of our WordPress instance from “” to “”

What you need to do: NOTHING
This change only affects the url in the address bar of a browser, you do not need to move any content in your site.

Will your links still work? YES
We will be setting up a redirect so that anyone trying to visit a site using “” will be redirected to “”

Can I still track visits to my site using Google Analytics? YES
Last January we made a change to have all Middlebury web applications crawled using one Google Analytic account. You will simply need to add the “” address in your segments.

Will this change my site or url if I use another address? Like or NO
Sites that have their own url, their own subdomain, will not be affected by this change.

Please send questions about this change to Ian McBride.

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