POSTPONED: Liaison Discussion: How to Reach the Uninterested Student

***This has been postponed***

Topic: How to Reach the Uninterested Student. Led by Yonna McShane, Director of Learning Resources, CTLR.
Who’s Invited: All liaisons and anyone who might be interested
Who’s “Required”: Primary liaisons, please try to attend if you can. Sorry in advance for any conflicts.
Where and when: Friday, December 14, 10-11 am. Location LIB 201 (Watson Lecture Hall)

Description: Yonna frequently coaches students and faculty on how to improve their presentation skills. She’ll gear this session toward liaisons who lead LIS workshops. How can we “hook” students at the beginning of a workshop so that they stick with us for the whole class period? She will provide tips on handling question and answer sections of the presentation. Yonna also will give tips on professional conference presentations, including visual aids.
“Liaison Discussion Section” meetings address research and/or technology topics of interest to liaisons. They can be conversations, or presentations, or both. They take place most often on the 3rd week of the month, but in order to allow people who work different hours to attend, they’re sometimes scheduled for different days/times.

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