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Following a discussion by the eNewsletter production crew, here’s an update about the purpose & features of the LIS blog. The “About this blog” link sums up the purpose pretty well! All LIS staff members can post and anyone can comment. What might not be so easy to see is the various ways in which LIS blog posts are being repurposed.


  • “LIS Staff Interest” – Default – All LIS staff routinely cast an eyeball over the posts!
  • “Middlebury Community Interest” – of broader interest, feeds to the LIS homepage
  • “Post for MiddPoints” – feeds to the faculty/staff blog and into the weekly e-mail digest generated there.
  • “Post for MiddNotes” – feed to the news & announcements for students blog. No e-mail digest from there, but this blog is included on the student portal.


  • “Library Spotlight” – feeds to the library home page
  • “eNewsletter” – theoretically identifies posts to be included in the LIS eNewsletter but rarely used.

The eNewsletter, a compilation of posts from the LIS blog, is created approximately monthly during the regular school year. It goes out to faculty, staff & students as an e-mail blast & statistics show that it drives traffic to the blog. Inclusion in MiddPoints also increases the number of hits on a post for a day or two. The production crew currently favors including posts that are of community interest but haven’t been pushed out to MiddPoints. We’d love to hear what you think about that – how many ways & how many times should our services be advertised?  (our pearls cast…).

If you’re not an LIS staff member but have read all the way down to here, please comment – what would you like to see in the blog? how would you like to learn about LIS?

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