Area 51 notes, July 26, 2012

Present:  Shel Sax, Mike Roy, Terry Simpkins, Chris Norris, Carol Peddie, Doreen Bernier and Chris Tangora

Chris Tangora joined the meeting to discuss the proposed Curricular Technology Team charge:

  • The CTT is the LIS resource for investigating & implementing technology for enhanced teaching & learning.  The team monitors & researches technology trends that lead to this end, and act as the senior LIS resource for consultations with those who are investigating or experimenting with those technologies.

The new charge would shift the team’s responsibility to a primarily advisory role in the investigation of new curricular technologies, and would not be project oriented.  The conversation generation a number of questions, including:

  • How would the team make faculty aware of other technology trends happening elsewhere on campu?
  • How would the team relate to the Innovation Task Forces and the liaison group?
  • What would workflow processes look like for uncovering and evaluating new curricular technologies?
  • How will the team keep abreast of existing technology on campus? Should an inventory be made of already existing technologies and coordinating resources?

There seemed to be general agreement around the basic idea of the charge.  Mike suggested some changes, which we will look at and finalize.

We discussed the idea of participating at some level in the Wikipedia Loves Libraries events, many of which will be happening in October to coincide with Open Access Week.  Given the College’s past complicated history with Wikipedia, Mike felt as though this was worth discussing with Academic Affairs before we dived in.  Once he talks with that group, we will revisit the idea.

Chris distributed a draft memo on confidentiality policies for review.  This document will become the basis of language for the the College Handbook.  We made some suggestions and wording changes, and Chris will follow up with Drew Macan on any HR implications.

We reviewed and discussed the Data Classification Task Force’s proposed policy and procedures documents.

Thanks for reading,

Terry & Doreen

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