Area 51 notes, May 31, 2012

Present:  Mike Roy, Carol Peddie, Mary Backus, Chris Norris and Doreen Bernier
Absent: Terry SImpkins

The ADs briefly discussed the LIS priorities list, which Mike has been working on.  When finished, Mike will distribute his modified list to the ADs for further discussion.

As noted in the email from the VP of Planning & Assessment earlier this week, their deadline for receiving goals is August 1st.  The ADs have decided to keep to our current schedule, requesting all work group goals be submitted to the ADs by July 1st.   The one-page summary needed for the annual report is due on August 1st.

As a follow-up to the commencement video concerns, the ADs discussed how video recording for important events could be improved.  Focus should be put on workflow, testing and communications.  A meeting will be scheduled with LIS and communications staff next week.

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