Manage Your Publications in our Website

I have added Drupal’s Bibliography Module to the main website. This allows you to enter structured information about your publications, which you can then have appear on your Profile. The information will also appear in a central, searchable database of publications and may be displayed on other sites, like MiddLab.

Additionally, each person now has a space on the college website where they can post information about themselves and maintain a profile. To get to your page, go to where USERNAME is the first part of your email address, before the ‘@’ symbol. You can add a profile to this page if you’d like, or copy one here that already exists elsewhere on the Middlebury website.

A guide to using these new features is available on the LIS Wiki.

Once you’ve added publications, you can choose to have them appear on your profile using the citation style of your choice.

2 thoughts on “Manage Your Publications in our Website

  1. Carrie Macfarlane

    Cool. Is this (bibliography feature AND profile page) just for faculty and staff? Or students too?

    1. Ian McBride Post author

      It can be used by anyone with an account at Middlebury. Students should be aware that the site will be deleted six months after they leave Middlebury, when their account is deleted.


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