A Guide to Email for the Graduating Senior

Every year, seniors graduate from this fine institution. Sooner or later, they wonder what will happen to their email, not only the many missives they’ve lovingly saved from their college years, but also any new email which may arrive through their middlebury.edu address. Well, friends, wonder no more. This information is taken from the Helpdesk Policy page on the LIS Wiki (http://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/Helpdesk_Policy):

Your campus accounts (email, file server, personal webpages) are deleted 6 months after graduation. You will receive email warnings about one month prior to account deletion. To ensure that you don’t lose any important data:

    File backup from server: Visit NetStorage to retrieve files from file servers and save them on your own private backup (your own computer, portable hard drive, etc.) You may export your email to various email clients. If you do not already have a program configured, you may set up an email connection by following our email configuration instructions.
    Forwarding email: you may forward your Middlebury College email account to another account of your choosing by visiting go/forward BUT THIS FORWARDING WILL CEASE TO WORK when your account is deleted after graduation.
    Lifelong email: the Alumni Office offers a lifelong email forwarding account to all Middlebury alumni. Find out more at our alumni faq page.

Technical support for computers purchased through Middlebury College ends when you graduate. In the event of technical problems after graduation, we encourage you to contact the manufacturer directly:
Dell Technical Support: http://www.dell.com/support or 800-234-1490 (x7269080 for Latitude; x7269077 for Optiplex)
Apple Technical Support: http://www.apple.com/support or 800-800-2775.

In other words, we love you, but the responsibility for taking care of your computer, files, and email content after you graduate is your own. You’re one of the grown-ups now!

2 thoughts on “A Guide to Email for the Graduating Senior

  1. Rebecca Walters

    Great blog post! My name’s Rebecca, and I’m the New Media Development Specialist at the Monterey Institute. It seems like these same instructions would apply to our graduating students as well (except for the part about lifelong email through the alumni office). If so, do you mind if we repost this on our blogging community?

    1. Steven Bertolino Post author

      Hi Rebecca! Absolutely; you’re more than welcome to repost on any MIIS blog you’d like. All the best with finishing up the academic year!


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