Digital microfilm for the Boston Globe, New York Times, Burlington Free Press

Middlebury College now has access to a selection of regional and national microfilmed newspapers with full graphics without the need of traditional microfilm equipment.

Visit Proquest Digital Microfilm or the New & Trial Resources Research Guide (go/newresources).

Currently, our access includes The Burlington Free Press (2010-forward), Boston Globe (Jan 2008-forward) and The New York Times, East Coast late edition (Jan 2008-forward).

6 thoughts on “Digital microfilm for the Boston Globe, New York Times, Burlington Free Press

  1. Arabella Holzapfel

    LIKE! (speaking as someone who’s been dealing with microform reels for … uh, more than a decade.)

  2. Brenda Ellis

    I’m glad to see this for the Burlington Free Press and this will help serve the gap for full online image access between what’s on Proquest historical papers for Boston and NYT and the present. How does this affect our regular microfilm subscriptions?

    1. Arabella Holzapfel

      We were able to add the digital form and keep getting the regular film for the same price as just the film. The digital version comes out several weeks after the film, and the film comes out between a few and several months after the print, so there is quite a delay for the digital version. We are getting both versions this year. Assuming the added delay for the digital version is overcome by the additional convenience, we will likely get only the digital version at some point in the future.


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