Friday links roundup – January 6, 2012

Richard Stallman Was Right All Along – Peaceful protesters in Occupy movements all over the world have been labelled as terrorists by the authorities. Initiatives like SOPA promote diligent monitoring of communication channels. Thirty years ago, when Richard Stallman launched the GNU project, and during the three decades that followed, his sometimes extreme views and peculiar antics were ridiculed and disregarded as paranoia – but here we are, 2012, and his once paranoid what-ifs have become reality.

Rethinking the Open Access Agenda – “Why I have come to think that we need to revisit the Budapest Open Access Initiative’s obsession with information technology.”  From RepositoryMan, the Blog of repository administrator and web scientist, Leslie Carr, a researcher and lecturer who runs a research repository for the School of Electronics and Computer Science in the University of Southampton in the UK.

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