Sunday Morning Maintenance – 12/18/2011

Between 8 am and 10 am this Sunday morning LIS will be preforming maintenance on the following systems, as a result each system will require a restart that will take each system offline for between 5 and 10 minutes.

  • LIS digital archives (host name Harrier)
  • Primary MySQL Database server for Middlebury and MIIS web sites (host name Parrot, note: MySQL services will failover to parrot’s backup server Robin, however no changes can be made to the Middlebury and MIIS web sites during this period)
  • File Server for the Sciences (host name Crux)
  • File Server for Computer Science (host name Haystack)

Additionally, we will be replacing the primary web application servers for the Middlebury and MIIS primary web sites; however we do not expect any downtime during this maintenance operation as each component server will be isolated and replaced in turn without taking off-line the cluster of web application servers that hosts the Middlebury and MISS primary web sites.  Please avoid making content changes to the Middlebury and MIIS web sites during this maintenance window.

Thank you for your patience as we perform this essential maintenance.

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