Area 51 notes, Dec. 1, 2011

Present:  Mike Roy, Carol Peddie, Mary Backus, Terry Simpkins, Chris Norris, Doreen Bernier
Guest: Joe Antonioli

Joe Antonioli presented the Curricular Technology Team report on the decommissioning of Segue which proposed a timeline for shutdown and migration of current faculty sites.  The timeline was discussed in detail.  Mike asked that the team prepare a communications plan for the timeline announcement to the college community.  Joe will consult with liaisons regarding the communications process as well, and Mike will send out the final announcement.

Joe also requested that the SLT re-examine the current CTT charge.  Since another campus group has been created and tasked with evaluating technology needs in classroom spaces, the SLT agreed to remove “evaluate the use of teaching spaces and make recommendations” from the CTT charge.  We also reviewed the charge to “create a ‘tech incubator’ to assess current technology and watch for emerging possibilities,” which overlaps with the charges of the 3 recently established taskforces on innovation, each of which includes a member of LIS.  We agreed that the LIS members of the innovation task forces should work to keep CTT and the rest of LIS informed about what’s happening in those talks.

The next topic discussed was whether or not FEMTOCEL units should be installed at the Bread Loaf campus and the Snowbowl.  These units would provide limited cell phone service to these areas.  This topic needs further investigation around the issues of cost and quantity and the “cultural impact” of providing cell service, and will be revisited.

The agenda for the Dec. 8 managers’ meeting was set and will include discussions about Service Level Agreements, the ticketing system and workflow processes.

We decided to cancel the December LIS Staff meeting, or, shall we say, we decided to move it to 51 Main the day before!!

The agenda for the Dec 8 SLT meeting:

  • System down time during break
  • Banner migration weekend review
  • Review staffing proposal to SRC

[TS note: yes, I’m aware of the irony in posting agenda items “in advance” for a meeting that happened yesterday.  We’ll get there.]

Thanks for reading,
Terry and Doreen

One thought on “Area 51 notes, Dec. 1, 2011

  1. Brenda Ellis

    better cell phone coverage at Breadloaf might help with safety for cross-country skiing at Rikert. If someone is injured at Rikert, it may be a long time before someone else comes along on the trails further out, assuming coverage might reach that far.


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