Area 51 notes, Sept. 1, 2011

Present:  Mike Roy, Terry Simpkins, Carol Peddie, Chris Norris, Danna Gianforte, Doreen Bernier and Ian Burke

We discussed a draft proposal for the formation of a Digital Data Preservation Task Force.  Terry submitted the proposal to the ADs.  This task force would be charged with 1) identifying current and anticipated needs within LIS for long-term retention, preservation, access and archiving of born-digital objects (text, media, documents created in word-processing and digital publishing software, etc.) and 2) developing strategies and policies for grant-funded research data management.  ADs will review and revise the plan.

Current staffing needs within LIS were discussed.  The ADs will dedicate the 9/16 retreat to looking holistically at staffing needs across the organization.

Various previously approved network policies, including Backup & Restore and Change Management policies, will be announced to the community.  The Incident Response, Network Security and Network Infrastructure Monitoring policies will be presented to the administration for approval.

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Terry & Doreen

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  1. Brenda

    This free streaming workshop on Thurs. Oct. 6th may be of interest for the data preservation task force:
    Practicing Data Stewardship
    Time: 9:00-10:30 a.m.
    This session will provide in-depth coverage of ICPSR’s data advocacy efforts including efforts to promote the data citation and data management plan creation. Specifically, the session will cover: (1) ICPSR’s advances in promoting the data citation standard, (2) ICPSR’s support and tools for developing data management plans, (3) the role of libraries in developing data management plans, and (4) information about how disciplines outside the social sciences are responding to the funder requirements for data management plans.
    Presenter(s): Alex Kanous, University of Michigan; Katherine McNeil, MIT; Amy Pienta, ICPSR; Mary Vardigan, ICPSR; George Alter (Chair), ICPSR

    To watch, go to


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