Area 51 notes, May 19, 2011

Present:  Mike Roy, Carol Peddie, Danna Gianforte, Terry Simpkins, Shel Sax, Mary Backus, Chris Norris and Doreen Bernier

We discussed possible agendas for upcoming all-staff meetings.  June’s meeting will be canceled; the Web Team will give their presentation at the July meeting instead. If possible, we will also schedule a talk by Emily Bartels (Director of Bread Loaf School of English) for the July meeting as well.  In August, we will have some sort of recognition of LIS accomplishments.  In general, having guest speakers come in to describe the work of their departments and how it intersects with LIS seems to be a valuable approach; the ADs had especially good feedback from the most recent meeting with Michael Geisler of the Language Schools.

We discussed the status of the current Security Team charge. Danna will communicate some updates with the Security Team.

The Web Team submitted recommendations for changing tagging and categories of LIS blog posts, which the ADs approved. Terry will notify the Web Team of acceptance.  Among the primary changes:

  • Tags should be used to describe content; existing categories will be converted to tags
  • Categories should be used to describe audience; three categories will be created:
  1. LIS Staff Interest (the default category, since everyone in LIS is expected to read the blog)
  2. Middlebury Community Interest
  3. Post for MiddPoints (this category will copy over to the MiddPoints/News & Events Blog)

The change will communicated as follows:

  • The new guidelines will be posted on the “About This Blog” section
  • The Team will post the changes via a (can you guess?) blog post prior to making the changes
  • The Team will announce the changes at the all-LIS staff meeting on July 20

Finally, the ADs discussed the agenda for the May AD retreat planned for the afternoon of Friday, May 20.

Thanks for reading,

Terry & Doreen

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