Area 51 notes, Jan. 6, 2011

Present:  Terry Simpkins, Danna Gianforte, Mary Backus, Mike Roy, Carol Peddie, Doreen Bernier, Mike Lynch, Kim Ehritt, Mack Roark, Brenda Ellis, Ben Molberger, Pij Slater, and Joe Antonioli

The Education & Training team joined us to present an update on their progress so far. The team’s charge was to take a holistic look at the ongoing training and education needs of Middlebury & Monterey faculty, staff, and students.  During Phase 1 the team will address interlocking goals and make recommendations at the basic level.

  • Develop an inventory of information and technology skills and knowledge needed by LIS staff.
  • Develop an inventory of information and technology skills and knowledge needed by College staff and faculty.
  • After reviewing the report from the Standard 7 group, make recommendations and assist reaccreditation groups, CTLR, and LIS advisory groups to develop a list of skills/abilities that graduating students are expected to have.

Through reviewing HelpDesk tickets, experience and discussions with various colleagues, the team compiled a detailed Excel workbook combining Information & Technology Skills and Knowledge inventories for the specific groups requested in their goals.

Next steps:

  • Combine our findings with the reaccreditation team when their work is completed.
  • Continue efforts to identify/collect relevant Middlebury training resources.
  • Continue evaluation of training products offered by outside vendors.
  • Share their findings with the Web Team
  • Prepare a marketing and communications plan, including a blog post
  • Prepare a gap analysis

The ADs were pleased with the results so far and have approved the team’s next steps.

Mike will prepare a response to the Project Cabal for review by the AD team.

We discussed the Curricular Technology team proposal to handle the migration of course content from Segue to WordPress. Shel will ask the team to contact faculty to see what they would like to use for an LMS and have cost proposal prepared.

We agreed to schedule additional meetings for the ADs to hear from Teams as to their progress and to review area/workgroups goals.

Thanks for reading,
Terry & Doreen

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