Area 51 notes – May 20, 2010

Area 51 notes — May 20, 2010
Present:  Carol Peddie, Terry Simpkins, Shel Sax, Jeff Rehbach, Mike Roy, Doreen Bernier

The Digital Archives Team has reached the final task of the team’s charge, namely, a review of current library digital projects and recommendations about their future disposition.  They requested permission to disband upon completion of the charge, and the ADs approved the request once the final task is completed.  There followed a discussion about reviewing other digital asset management needs across campus (e.g., digital projects by faculty, designed for a specific course or specific curricular need) and whether or not the DAT might be charged to look at these projects.  Ultimately, the ADs decided this seemed more appropriate for the Curricular Technology Team to review.

We discussed the future of the Web Team, which has also substantially completed their charge, and whose sponsor and team leader are retiring.  Because there is a fair amount of continuing work to maintain and assess the new web site, the ADs decided to continue this team, with a new charge, leader, sponsor, and reconstituted membership.  Simpkins will act as sponsor; the team leader is TBD, and membership will be decided by the sponsor and leader.  The ADs have created a draft charge, also to be reviewed with the new leader (it has also been vetted by the current team, and Elin shared the members’ collective feedback with Jeff, who passed it on to the ADs).  The Web Team II will begin work this fall.

Jeff discussed various policy issues (privacy, copyright, etc.) he has been involved in across campus, suggesting areas/individuals who might be best suited to assume responsibility for individual tasks after his retirement.

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