5 thoughts on “New Online Course Catalog

  1. Jess Isler

    Wow. This looks like a vast improvement. Very well done! I think the options in the course-level view are great (view the Professor’s other courses/other courses within the subject area/link to the departmental homepage).

    Do you plan to add in that information on available seats? What about information on whether or not the course you’re viewing satisfies the required courses for a specific major (or majors)?

    1. Adam Franco

      Thanks for the feedback, Jess. We are planning on adding enrollment info to the new catalog, though won’t be completed in time for the current registration cycle — the original course schedule in Banner will currently have to be used to access that information.

      While it certainly would be helpful, major/minor fulfillment information is not planned because this data currently does not exist in Banner or any other structured form. Major requirements (for example, Economics) tend to be very complex and dependent on a number of factors. It is common to see things like “Requires 1 of A, B, or C unless both D and E have been taken”. While these sort of requirements might be standardized and entered into a system like Banner some day (and then be added to the catalog) they currently must be read and interpreted from the text on the department and program pages.

      – Adam

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