Web Team Agenda Wed 11/18

Web Team Agenda Wed 11/18 10 – 11 am in Voter West

Laptop/projector – Ian (thanks!)
Notes, time-keeper
Set Thurs agenda

10:15 – Meet with Mike – Q&A and feedback on IA proposal and LIS landing page; About LIS; dynamic search results section; LIS blog feed – of interest to general public?; staff/dept. profiles; Technology Help mock-up?
10:45 – Meet with Alex – ShadowBox blog theme – a brief presentation on the theme’s current features; feedback and Q&A; a new release of the theme; a number of useful features including:
* Custom author pages with links from post attribution line
* RSS feed link display on category and tag archives
* New Equilizer variation

For Thursday?
IA – incorporate/discuss feedback from blog, Mike, Jeff, AD’s etc.
Banner – unifying element on LIS pages
Suggestions – where and what
Widgets for system downtimes

5 thoughts on “Web Team Agenda Wed 11/18

  1. Elin Waagen Post author

    Mike has some Q’s about the IA – I invited him to join us this coming Wed.
    Tight schedules and upcoming deadlines did not allow me time to consult the team – my apologies.

  2. Jess Isler

    Phrased another way: Is Mike bringing his own questions and concerns, or is he coming as a representative of the AD team and bringing us the AD team’s questions and concerns? If the former, how will the record of our meeting with Mike be communicated to the rest of the ADs, and will we need to have a separate meeting with the whole AD team or not?

  3. Mike Roy

    I’m coming as me and me alone. I would like to get you onto the agenda for an AD meeting as well, but I also realize that you are under pressure to get building, and so wanted to provide input/feedback.

    — mike


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