Web Team Agenda 11/11 – 12

Agenda 11/11 – 12

Moderate, drive, take notes, keep time
Liz out
Brief report from the usability conference goers
Alex – would like to meet with team to present shadowbox theme developments
Ian – brief report from meetings with WW
Thanksgiving week meetings have been canceled

Possible Agenda items – to be finalized at beginning of meeting
Staff and dept profiles
Blog – About LIS
System alerts – identify list of systems to monitor
Planned downtimes – post on blog?
Find a PC
Color theme options
Landing page? Tag cloud; dynamic search results
Usability – plans for testing
Universal usability – ada
Any IA stuff?
Training – drupal, wiki, blog, tags (catalog dept?)
Blog – icons for sharing on social software – fb, twitter, digg, delicious etc?
LIS suggestions – for purchase of resources, books, music, film, loaner equipment, computing equipment, software… and comments/feedback – how to clarify for user?
Workflow – defining who is authorized to manage/edit the parts of the LIS site; how content is reviewed and changed & regular update encouraged; approval process; changes to IA; simplify process; minimize complex approval structure
Borrowing and Use? Separate out borrowing; Use = space stuff, buildings, facility
Other items?
Future items?

One thought on “Web Team Agenda 11/11 – 12

  1. Alex Chapin

    Both Ian and I and others met with WW last Friday to discuss blog themes in general. I think what is important is not so much which particular theme(s) we use, but what features/options are most useful for any given theme to have. ShadowBox itself is less of a particular theme than it is a framework for creating themes in general. Thus it could be possible to use the ShadowBox framework to implement one or more White Whale designed themes. That way we could develop a consistent set of options that many/all themes might share…


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