Meeting Agenda Wed 9/2

Feel free to edit! :-)
Proposed agenda for Wed 9/2
Meeting notes: Elin
Moderator: Jess?
Announcements etc. (5 min)
Update/review timeline? (5 min)
Primary Contacts – updates, questions, new page on wiki (10 min)
Recommendations – review meeting with AD’s – any edits based on AD feedback? Ready to post on LISt blog? (30 min)
Set agenda for Thursday (10 min)

6 thoughts on “Meeting Agenda Wed 9/2

  1. Barbara

    I was just about to post a comment on the AD meeting when this post appeared, so I’ll add it here.
    The issue of compulsory/recommended pix for LIS staff!!
    “The LIS Web Team, in support of the LIS managers area, recommends that all LIS staff post a photograph in their College directory listing. To facilitate this, we ask that time at a LIS all-staff meeting be devoted to discussion of this recommendation and that photography services be made available for those who want a picture for this purpose.”

  2. Elizabeth Whitaker-Freitas

    Ok. So how DID the meeting go? I know I wasn’t there…but would love to know. I’m only able to gather bits and pieces from the posts.

  3. Jess Isler

    The upshot is we got verbal agreement to go forward with our recommendations from the ADs that were present (Carol, Mary, Shel, Jeff, and Mike). We went around the table and each of them said “yes”.

  4. Elizabeth Whitaker-Freitas

    I just created a spreadsheet that lists all the LIS website URLs. I think it would be helpful to go through this and make sure that we know who is responsible for what and make sure we don’t leave anything behind. It’s here: \\\middfiles\orgs\WebMakeover\URL Inventory Sheet.xls


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