Meeting Notes 2009-08-04

BreadNet Evaluation: Next Steps

  • FirstClass, the platform that is used by BreadNet, has functionality that is similar to email, mailing lists and forums.
  • BreadNet has enabled the development of strong community of users who seem to be satisfied with the platform
  • the version of FirstClass used by Breadnet is difficult and time-consuming to backup
  • newer versions of FirstClass may offer improved functionality and be easier to maintain

Action items:

  1. Adam will meet with Rick and get more details about issues with maintaining FirstClass server
  2. Dan will research newer versions of FirstClass
  3. Summary of Findings to date will be posted to the CT Blog

WordPress Plugins

  • SlideShare seems like a useful plugin for embedding presentations, would need to review it.  Does require uploaded presentations to slideshare site and making public.  Google Apps has a presentation tool that may also provide similar functionality
  • CommentPress plugins also seem to be useful, again plugin code needs to be evaluated.
  • With all of these need to find make sure we don’t force WordPress to provide functionality that it isn’t design to support….
  • These plugins and tools that offer similar functionality also need to be evaluated in terms of the “best of breed” strategy vs. using what is available….

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