Vision Statement Ideas: Elin

What: Create an interactive and dynamic web site that will enchant and engage our diverse community of users, a web site that will adapt to the needs of our users as they navigate a changing and rapidly evolving technology landscape. A web site that is adaptable to mobile platforms and allows for customization/personalization. Content that is relevant, current, and well-written – with a consistent LIS voice. Layout that is consistent in theme, format, content and navigation.
Why: Facilitate access to constantly changing and evolving information resources and services. Create a happy and productive user experience that positions the LIS web page as a vital component of the academic lives of our students and faculty.
wiifm: New and innovative, and a joy to use, change, maintain and update. Easy and fun to navigate. Designed for function, well designed. “A great experience is invisible, bad design is apparent”

Looks like I’ll be taking a loooong elevator ride…

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