Vision Statement Ideas: Carrie

We will create a new LIS web site that’s easy to use and easy to maintain.  We’ll do much of the work ourselves, but we’ll call on others when we need additional skills and expertise.  We’ll determine not only the site’s appearance, but also a workflow for creation and maintenance of content.  User testing and ongoing assessment will inform our decisions.

1 thought on “Vision Statement Ideas: Carrie

  1. Jessica Isler

    “We’ll do much of the work ourselves…”–I posted a question about this point to the Wiki category LIS website discussion section. To summarize what I said there:
    My understanding is that as a team, we’ll be deciding what work needs to be done, how it will be done, and negotiating resources (human and otherwise) to get it done, but that as a team, we may not be doing much of the work of getting the website up and running ourselves.
    Some of us, however, will be doing this work (that the team decides) because that is our functional role within LIS (but not because that is our role as a team member).


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