News from Curricular Technology: Segue v2 Goes Live, iPods remain popular, Measure used for on-line placement

Submitted by Alex Chapin

Segue v2 went into production at Middlebury on August 18. Since then over 100 sites have been created in the new version (see: Segue Usage). To help people learn how to use Segue v2 we have made a number of screencast videos that demonstrate basic features and have been offering introductory workshops.

iPods were popular again this summer with the Language Schools. Jin Zhang of the Chinese School had her students produce weekly podcasts. A number of classes required students to complete weekly audio recording assignments. More language resources were reformatted for use on iPods and other mobile devices. For more details, see the iPods and 2nd Language Acquisition site.

Many students have been using Measure to take placement exams online. Measure is heavily used by the Language Schools for entrance and exit exams. Some academic year departments have also begun using it to place students in courses for the fall and spring semesters.

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