Thank you to all of you for such a wonderful place to work and live…with insightful and inspiring colleagues…and lots of exciting challenges! Thank you for a wonderful going away party as well. I will miss all of you. I will send a long a little update sometime to let you know how things are going on my life adventure! In the spirit of Mike Lynch’s comments at the party I offer this….

If you want to keep in touch….

My new email address at Bucknell:
carrie.rampp@bucknell.edu No idea yet how to login or set up this alias that will be printed on my business cards.

My new office address:
Bucknell University, 221 Bertrand Library, Lewisburg, PA 17837 No idea where this office is.

My new work cell #:
Don’t have it yet…but even when I do, I’ll have no idea how to use it as I’ll be having to make the switch from my widely-known Blackberry addiction to a WinMobile device, probably a Treo. So probably okay I’m not including it.

My new home address:
257 Chestnut Street, Mifflinburg, PA 17844 I have so much stuff exactly when I’ll be moved in is a mystery.

My new office phone:
570-577-1342 No idea how to get messages…but I never checked my voice mail much here either so this won’t be much of a change for you.
If you actually want to contact me and have hopes of reaching me…probably best to go with gmail for now: carrierampp@gmail.com

Lets keep in touch! Carrie

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