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Monthly Archive for March, 2010

A week without a computer.

After going without a computer for a week I’ve come to the conclusion that while it is fairly easy to stay away the hassle arrives when you come back. Over Spring Break I was down in Georgia with the crew team and it seemed smart to go without a computer for a week because there […]

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Convergence Culture

I personally am a supporter of convergence, user interaction, and reading spoilers. In this day and age media convergence simply opens up many new levels of for the spectator to consume, so why not enjoy it. After all what Jenkins said is true, for the 20 million people that watch survivor  only about 50,000 of […]

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Response to “Remix”

Lawrence Lessig brings up a lot of ideas about intellectual ownership in his book Remix and I’d say I would have to agree with most of them. I mean after the information is out there who technically ‘owns’ the intellectual information? After all it is a little ridiculous how you don’t have to ask for […]

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Something to think about…

Earlier this week, during an econ exam I read an article that said that this year’s winter Olympics was the most tweeted about Olympics in history. But the statement in itself is a little deceiving after all what does that even mean? First of all Twitter has only been around for a year or so. […]

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Chat Roulette!

Well, I must admit something a little embarrassing first. So I had skimmed over professor Mittell’s post about chat roulette without watching the video and had made a mental note to go back later, I must have forgotten the name of the application. Earlier today I was doing research for a Chinese essay and stumbled […]

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How true is our online persona?

Boyd’s article “Why Youth ♥Social Network Sites” brings up a good point when saying that who we are online is not really who we are in real life. Specifically Boyd means that our online personas are much more carefully constructed, exaggerated, and sometimes even fabricated. While we have pretty much moved on from Myspace to […]

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