Good Student + Good Personality = Good FYC

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Barrett is perhaps one of the people I respect the most on campus. He has been my hallway neighbor and classmate. While his friend may have behaved in an inappropriate manner, let us remember that it was his friend and not Berrett who behaved in such way. Although Barrett may have given confusing information to public safety, this should not be made such a deal as to fire him from any job or position on Campus. He was being a good friend and I am sure he would never put any of his friends or classmates in danger intentionally. As a matter of fact I would not feel in danger if I know a friend of mine has one of his friends staying with him for a while.

Barrett is a good student and a good person -ask any professor or student and you will get the same answer. I need not tell you how kind, honest, or wise Barrett is. All of us who have had the luck to meet him know that. If you do not know him personally, you should get to know him; when you do so you will realize he is indeed a good person who cares for this community. His personality and dedication make of Barrett an excellent FYC, dismissing him from any position in which he could help other Middlebury students will have a negative impact on the experience of those students.

Oscar Portillo
Class ’13

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  1. choliel says:

    any photos of him?

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