1 thought on “RESPONSE: “The Evolution of Remix Culture”

  1. Rajwinder Kaur

    BAHAHA! This is awesome… but where am I? That’s a joke, but not really. This brings to mind the idea of representation. With the imitation vids of the brat pack, we can see somewhat of a recycling of the “types” of brats.In fact, those vids had a more selective “hipster” group than the original brat pack. Who, then, is the brat pack speaking to in today’s society? Is it the hipsters in Brooklyn or is it just that those are the only responses we are seeing?

    Then with other vids we saw in class, there was a focus on homosexual (slash) and feminist viewpoints. Prof Stein, of course clarified this point in class by saying it was a selection error. Nonetheless, let’s start asking questions– who is making these vids? who is the audience? Who is left out? What is not seen is just as important as what is seen. And when vids are made for public conception, is it the vidder’s responsibility to address the broader fan community? This sounds like a bit of a rant, but remember the notion of an “elite” vidder community? Elitists! How date they!?

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