READING: You vote, you (buy) decide

This is a response to Ross’ Chapter 2 in Beyond the Box. In the chapter there is a section entitled “You vote, you decide: American Idol and Choice,” which questions whether tele-interactivity empowers its viewer or gives even more power to (cue scary music) The INDUSTRY (add lightning flashing). I. myself, have no opinion and do not endorse the idea that viewer participation is solely for the sake of advertising one product or another (that may or may not be refreshingly delicious and made from fresh apples). You, on the on the other hand, have an opinion and can vote for “yes, I love viewer participation even if it is working hand in hand with corporate bla-bla” by clicking on the left image. Click on the right and you will be be voting, “No, I do not support viewer participation aiding commercialism.”

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