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F&G Week

Middlebury’s first ever Food & Globalization Week will be a collection of events and activities celebrating the diversity of food cultures globally and tying together real-world issues with the academic study of food.

By collaborating with multiple student organizations and academic departments on campus, the ISO presents a week-long line up of 2 flavors of events: cultural (workshops and food events) and academic (lecture and panel discussion), all with the purpose of exploring the history and evolution of interconnections between food, culture, identity and globalization.

F&G Week Photo/Instagram Contest!
Take photos at our events with Instagram or post them on Facebook (be sure to use #FnGMidd or tag Middlebury ISO) and stand a chance to win gift certificates to The Lobby, a newly opened restaurant in the Town of Middlebury! Prizes: 5 x $10 gift certificates (random draw), 1 x $20 (Judges’ Pick).
Up to 3 entries per person


Display at Davis Library Atrium – add your favorite foods to our world map! (28 Feb Fri to 7 Mar Fri)
Recipe country origins at Proctor and Ross Dining Halls (Weekday dinners)

Tuesday, 4 March
4.30pm: “Is Globalization Good for Food?”
Panel discussion on food, culture, and globalization

RAJ Conference Room
Food and the very act of eating have deep cultural roots, and globalization (as we know it in recent history) has influenced tastes and diets all over the world. Where global exchange and local culture meet, diversity of food can flourish, or perish. But what do we make of this change? Join Middlebury faculty Ellen Oxfeld (Sociology/Anthropology), Paula Schwartz (French) and Kacy McKinney (Geography) as we engage in an interdisciplinary discussion to kick off the International Students’ Organization’s Food & Globalization Week. Refreshments will be served.

9.15pm-11.15pm: Korean Tea House by KASA
Coltrane Lounge
Enjoy some Korean tea and snacks as we open the cultural stream of the F&G Week with KASA!

Wednesday, 5 March
12pm-2pm: Selling Challah with Hillel
McCullough Mail Center
Fresh-baked Challah loaves for sale at $4 each! All proceeds go to hunger non-profits.

9.30pm: Dessert Night by Alianza
Coltrane Lounge
Enjoy some flan, tres leches, hot chocolate, and coffee (of course, all latino oriented), and learn about the Latino/a migrant workers that create much of our dairy products.

Thursday, 6 March
7pm: Mardi Gras by Southern Society
Hebrew House
Celebrate the annual Mardi Gras with lots of food, friends, and dancing!

Friday, 7 March
2pm-4pm: International Tea Time by ISO
Carr Hall
Wind down at the end of the week with some friends and tea from Africa, Asia and Europe! There will also be snacks!

Saturday, 8 March
1pm: Gyoza Making Workshop by Japanese Club
Coffrin Lounge
Love to eat gyoza (Japanese dumplings)? Want them pan-fried or boiled? Learn how to make your favorite dumplings with Japanese Club’s gyoza making workshop! A vegetarian option will also be available. Space is limited so sign up now with!

8pm: Disney|Pixar’s Ratatouille movie screening
Crossroads Cafe
In one of Paris’ finest restaurants, Remy, a determined young rat, dreams of becoming a renowned French chef. Torn between his family’s wishes and his true calling, Remy and his pal Linguini set in motion a hilarious chain of events that turns the City of Lights upside down.

There will be free popcorn too! Sponsored by Student Activities.

Sunday, 9 March
4pm-6pm: Mexican Sushi by ISO (Workshop)
Gamut Room
What happens when sushi from Japan is brought to the West Coast of Mexico? Find out in this cooking workshop by Yuki Takeda! Take yours home, but also make some for sale after our weekly ISO meeting. Sign up with

6pm-7pm: ISO weekly meeting
Hillcrest 103
Loving the F&G Week so far? Take part in planning more ISO activities, or hang out by coming to our regular Sunday meetings. ALL nationalities welcome! You don’t have to be an international student to join the ISO family.

8pm-10pm: Mexican Sushi by ISO
Gamut Room
What happens when sushi from Japan is brought to the West Coast of Mexico? Get mexican sushi for low Gamut Room prices and hang out with friends before Monday comes.

Tuesday, 11 March – last day!
4.30pm: Food, Migration, and the Other Border
Lecture on migration and food culture by Dr Teresa Mares from UVM
Hillcrest 103
Teresa Mares, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UVM, will be sharing insights from her ethnographic research on migration and food culture of Latino/a farmworkers living and working Vermont’s dairies.Teresa Mares, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Vermont and is affiliated with the Transdisciplinary Research Initiative in Food Systems. She received her Ph.D. (2010) in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Washington. Dr. Mares’s research focuses on the intersection of food and migration studies, and she is particularly interested in the ways that the diets and foodways of Latino/a immigrants change as a result of migration. She is currently developing a new study examining food security and food access among Latino/a dairy workers in Vermont.
Sponsored by Office of the Dean of the College, MCAB Speakers Committee, Atwater Commons

6pm: Closing Atwater Dinner – Greek food!
Atwater Dining Hall
Celebrate the end of ISO’s first Food & Globalization Week with delicious Greek food at Atwater Dining Hall! Space is limited to the first 100 Middlebury ID cardholders.

Sponsored by Office of the Dean of the College, Student Activities, Atwater Commons & MCAB Speakers Committee.
In collaboration with Professors Ellen Oxfeld (Sociology/Anthropology), Paula Schwartz (French) & Kacy McKinney (Geography); Alianza, Gamut Room, Hillel, Japanese Club, KASA, MCAB Social & Southern Society.

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