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March 11, 2014
by Middlebury ISO

Community Supper [2nd edition]!!

This Friday, March 14th, we will be organizing a community supper at the Congregational Church for over two hundred people who are low-income and in need of assistance. We are planning to give them the best dinner they’ve ever had.

The menu for will be:
– Tajine chicken with saffron
– Couscous with raisins
– Honey glazed carrots
– Potatoes

We will start the cooking process at 1pm and you can choose to stay until 7pm at night. We will be cooking from 1pm-5:30pm and serving dinner from 5:30-7pm. This will be an absolutely rewarding experience and we hoe to see you there!

Sign up from the following link:

March 2, 2014
by Middlebury ISO

F&G Week is coming!

Today’s meeting:

We went over the logistics of F&G Week and the trivia night coming up on March 16 as well as the community supper on March 14. We are looking for cooking and serving help for the community supper. Please contact jzsun@midd if you can help!!

Check the event page (and RSVP for workshops!)

Don’t forget to check the F&G week page, all the event details are on there. Don’t for get to sign-up if you want to participate in the cooking workshops (Gyoza (20 people) and Mexican Sushi (5 people); first-come first-served).

Have a yummy week!!

March 2, 2014
by Middlebury ISO

(Mar. 2) [ISO] What’s up this week & Meeting, today!

Hi friends!

I hope everyone’s been having a fabulous week! Once again, it’s the day for our ISO meeting in Hillcrest 103, at 6 pm! The two maps in Davis Library is only the first step towards an amazing week of discussions, workshops, and screenings centered around the theme Food and Globalization! For a full list of events, you can go to go/fng! We have a ton of fun things lined up, so be sure to check it out. 😉

So what’s up this week?
– Community Service: As language tables with the towns folk are moving forward, we are looking to plan our next community supper, and we will need volunteers! If you are interested in helping out, be sure to come to this meeting or watch out for a sign up sheet in the near future.

– Social Events: Come help us plan the up and coming international trivia that we will be hosting with Translingual, or propose fun events you want to see in the rest of Spring term!

– Symposum: As F&G week is underway, we will need a ton of people to help out with advertising, setting up table tents, and many other things, so if you’re interested in food and globalization and would like to be part of this initiative, our symposium committee will be very exciting in the coming week!

– Publicity: As we finish up advertising for F&G week and our website, go/iso, we’ll be looking for more new minds in publicity as we move into the planning stages for trivia and other events. If you’re an artist or love to talk to others, the publicity community is looking for bright minds to join them for the rest of the semester.

Can’t wait to see you all, and have a productive Sunday afternoon! 🙂

Joanne and Yuki

February 27, 2014
by Middlebury ISO

F&G Week!!!


o       Symposium Committee Updates

o   S&G Week

Time:  Tues 4 – 11 March

Host:  A range of events hosted by 5 student organizations:

KASA, HILLEL, Southern Society, Alianza, Japanese Club

Event Type: Cultural and Academic

Specific Events:

§  March 4 4:30pm:  Panel discussion with 3 Midd professors

§  March 4 9:15pm:  Noodle night with KASA (as opening for cultural event)

§  March 7 7:00pm:  Mardi gras at Hebrew House

§  March 8 1:00pm:  Groza workshop by Japanese workshop

§  March 8 8:00pm:  Screening of Ratatouille at Crossroads

§  March 11 4:30pm:  Lecture by UVM prof on food and immigration


 o  Weeklong exhibition: library display & Proctor/Ross

§  Lib: Introduce your favorite food from different regions of the world

§  Proctor/Ross: Information sheet/ recipes of food

* Looking for 4-5 volunteers to take up menus!!!


o  ISO events

§  Cooking workshop during weekends

·      Working with social event to figure out times

§  Teatime

Time: March 5, 4:30pm 

Location: Carr Hall

·      With KASA. Lots of Korean tea

·       Helen in charge (will book venue)

§  Mexican sushi

·      Still communicating with Gamut Room


o       Publicity Updates

§   Photographs contest!

§  Use Facebook instead of Instagram with hash tag ISO/#FnG

§  What prizes? Vouchers of Lobby (new restaurant in town?)

·      Looking for photographers!

*   Publicity (don’t forget to put ISO official logo on flyers etc!!!)

§  How to publicize?

·      Lib display

·      Facebook event

·      Ads in dinning halls (board and dinning tables)

·      Middbeat (Contact Becca)

·      Golink

·      Article in Campus

·      Midd event calendar and the all-campus weekly events email

§  Looking for more people to help!!!

·      Contact Yuki

*     Thanks Rahul, Ying, Gabbie and Adara for offering J


o       Cultural Event Committee Updates

§   Trivia night with Translingual

·    Meet with Translingual PIC on Tuesday

·    Date tbd (sometime in March)

·    Will report more details next meeting


o       Community Services Committee Updates

§   Language table

·   1 person at Spanish table/ 2 at French

·  Shifting Chinese to German this week

§   Community Supper second round!!

·  Will contact Dottie

·  Will apply to FlexFund again

§   Dream

·  Teaching kids how to cook Bulgarian candy

§   Building house in Cornwall

·  Gabbie in charge

February 16, 2014
by Middlebury ISO

What’s coming (Feb. 16)

Today was the first meeting of Spring term! We had some new faces and old faces, so we played ninja to get to know each other. We did a brief introduction of everyone and all the committees, and then we talked about…

1. Food & Globalization Week (Mar. 3 – 11)

There will be:
– a guest lecture on food and migration
– a panel discussion by the professors teaching about food
– themed dinners
– cooking workshops etc.
– screening (Ratatouille)

We are looking for photographers who would take pictures of the events during F&G week.

2. Senior send-off and senior gift (May)
3. Board election for next year (April)

Community service:

– Language Table for Townspeople is going very well. We had 10 people turn up last week for Spanish and French.
– Looking into international book reading sessions for the local children.

ISO merchandise:

Beanie, sweatpants, T-shirts… looking for ideas!
Any suggestions and questions, please send to
Please join our next meeting, Sunday 6-7pm in Hillcrest 103 as usual!


ISO Publicity Team

February 16, 2014
by Middlebury ISO

(Feb.16) Welcome to our first ISO Meeting – Today!

Hi everyone!


I hope everyone’s been having a great first week so far! We have our first meeting today at 6 pm, at Hillcrest 103, and we’ll be welcoming our new febs to our big family, updating you guys on symposium, and planning our spring event. We’ll also have snacks for all you hungry folk, so you won’t have to starve till we’re done. 😉


Can’t wait to see you guys, and cheers to a great semester!



Joanne and Yuki

February 16, 2014
by Middlebury ISO

(Feb.10) IT’S SPRING! (in certain parts of the world)

Hi everyone!

First of all, welcome back to the ’14 Spring semester! We’re glad to have you all back and can’t wait to see you guys this Sunday. We’d also like to welcome the new incoming Febs that will be joining us starting this semester! But first of all, we have a few things on our agenda:

– Acting VP Results: We had some very amazing candidates for acting VP for this spring, and we’re pleased to announce that Yuki Takeda, ’14 will be our acting VP starting this month! He’ll be taking charge because both our VPs are not with us anymore– Ellie graduated after J-Term, and Mika is leaving for SEA semester. Let’s give him a warm welcome!

– Activities Fair: Our spring activities fair is here this Thursday! For all those interested in helping out and/or manning the booth, we’ll be sending out more details later once we get some info on our table. Shifts will be 30 mins each, and we’ll be looking for fun people to join us for the spring!

– Our first meeting, this Sunday: It’s the usual time and place, Hillcrest 103 at 6 pm, this Sunday. If you’re interested in being part of this huge international family, we’ll see you this Sunday at 6 pm, sharp. 😉 There will be snacks as usual!

Once again, welcome back, and see you guys soon!

Joanne (yep, I’m back!) & Yuki (yep, yep)

January 29, 2014
by Middlebury ISO

(Jan. 29) Last 3 days for our international Super Senior Febs!

Dear ISO family,

Last Friday our Community Service committee held a hugely successful Community Supper at the Congregational Church – serving a total of 197 meals! We’d like to congratulate and thank all our committee members, cooks, and volunteers!

It’s the last week of J-term but the ISO still has an event you definitely should attend:

Class of 2013.5 Farewell Reception @ Crossroads Cafe
Wednesday 1/29, 4:15-5:30PM

Graduation is around the corner! Please join us for a very special afternoon to say goodbye to our beloved super seniors!

Paula Bogutyn
Himi Kanaumi
Vedika Khanna
Rhubini Kunasegaran
Edmée Lepercq
Sam Shanshan Liu
Ellie Ng (Our VP!!!)
Astor Nummelin
Joaquin Peregalli
Cynthia Xiyue Tu
Xi Wang
Joe Jiawei Yu

We will have congratulatory remarks by Kathy Foley and Ben Bruno from the ISSS Office at 4:45PM.

See you tomorrow!

Mika, Joanne

January 25, 2014
by Middlebury ISO

(Jan. 25) International Trivia Night and Super Senior Farewell Reception!

Dear ISO Family,

Happy Saturday!! Thank you to all who came out to volunteer at the Community Supper yesterday! We have two big events lined up so don’t miss them!

International Trivia Night! @ Crossroads Cafe
**DATE CHANGE** SUNDAY 1/26, 7:45-9PM

Think you know the most random facts about the world? It’s time to show off your international knowledge! Tips: Form the most diverse team to answer questions from around the world. Free food, free knowledge, and BIG prizes! Stay tuned:

Class of 2013.5 Farewell Reception @ Crossroads Cafe
Wednesday 1/29, 4-5:30PM

Graduation is around the corner! Please join us for a very special afternoon to send off our international super senior febs! We will be joined by 10 graduating seniors and the ISSS staff.

Keep in touch with us on Facebook! >>

Mika, Ellie, Joanne

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