soc.i. 105

mills, sociological imagination (warning, this includes notes for another reading that i didn’t ask you to do, ignore if you like…)

durkheim, social facts and being normal

durkheim, religion (warning, this also includes notes on another reading, that we would have read in discussion sections if we weren’t on climate strike)

durkheim, division of labor (a little skimpy, i admit, but it’s better than nothing. right?)

durkheim, suicide

MARX and friends

  • the german ideology (these are the quotes and questions from the class discussion, which i hope give a decent overview of the main points)
  • alienation and labor AND the communist manifesto (they are in the same file)
  • fetishism of commodities (right now, i don’t have notes, since i just wrote a bunch of ideas on a sheet of paper, but it’s possible that something more formal will come. (new update — i just wrote something up and then word crashed when i saved it, and i have to go catch the bus now, so not sure when it will come but sooon, i hopeeeeee) FINAL UPDATE: here it is!!!!!

WEBER and friends