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I think I mentioned this during class:


Have you guys been following the Barack-Eizabeth-ipod thing? Basically, the President gave the Queen an iPod with some music, &c. But now there’s some controversy that he may have violated copyright in doing so!

Here’s a rundown:


I’ve posted the discussion questions for tomorrow.

On the Schedule page, I’ve turned all of the web addresses into weblinks. Clicking on the link should take you where you need to go. Barring that, just copy & paste the addresses.

Slides Up!

I’ve created the “Slides” page, under “Materials.”


Legal Definitions

Good discussion today. Here are some definitions of the terms we batted about:

While I would say that these definitions are authoritative, I wouldn’t say that they are definitive–meaning, that there is still room for disagreement. And we’ll continue to discuss (and disagree) over the term!

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