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UCal at Berkeley now has a YouTube site that combines video of courses, lectures, athletic events, and campus life.

Each month, the Criterion Collection curates a free online film festival on The Auteurs. January’s theme is Killer Movies: some great stuff, including Divorce Italian Style, Vengeance is Mine, and Deep Crimson.

Here’s the preview site.

A news release today from CNET News: YouTube is joining a growing number of competitors trying to deliver movies over the Internet.


One of the lecture archive sites in Multimedia Resources, Connie Martin Talks Books, offers an unexpected look at a younger Barack Obama. The full interview is available, but here’s a clip (edited with Virtual Cutter): Obama interview 1995.

Fall term additions to Multimedia Resources include:
A dozen new events in the lecture archive including two faculty panels on the economic crisis and the 2008 Clifford Symposium;
Copyright resources from Pacific Film Archives;
Other lecture archive sites: FORA-TV, Georgetown University Webcasts, and Stanford Humanities Center.


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