What’s New This Week?

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(Updated: March 17, 2015)
 Hello beautiful children!

Bessie here, sporting emerald green on this lovely Saint Patrick’s Day! Don’t we just love interfaith celebration! Even my poodle, Mazel, is wearing a green Juicy Couture suit. He looks lovely!
Though, children, on a more serious note, we must have a minute of mourning. Congressman Aaron Schock has resigned. My husband Irving was one of his biggest donors, and we are devastated. Here I am with him during his visit to our synagogue in Florida! 
Inline image 2

Oh he is just so handsome. If only he were Jewish…I would set him up with my beautiful grandson Abram. He’s on the market, kids! His mother even created a JDate profile for him. Or what is this JSwipe everyone keeps mentioning? Is this the new match making technology? Will one of you young kids please teach me? Myrtle is learning so much at the JNF and I can’t keep up with all the new systems and technologies…. And I want Jewish grandchildren (but I will not pressure my grandson…probably not).
(No Great Auntie Be$$ie! Dat boy’z mine! #hawt #joshiebindahouse)
Joshua Charles, please!
Anyway, what do we have in store this week?

4. Passover

  • Please RSVP to NNJW (Nice, Non-Jewish Woman) Ellen McKay (emckay@middlebury.edu) with your name and ID number

  • Do not reply to this email!

5. Hillel is Looking for a New Interfaith Relations Chair!

  • Hillel is looking for someone to join our board to help coordinate interfaith efforts with other religious orgs on campus. Please send a very brief paragraph of interest to NJB Josh (jberlowitz@middlebury.edu) if you’re interested!

6. Take Jewish Studies Classes Next Fall!

  • RELI/JWST 0161 Making of Modern Jewish Life

  • JWST/SOAN 0234 Contemporary Israel

  • JWST/SOAN 0273 Diasporas and Homelands

  • HEBM 0230 Israeli Authors

  • HEBM 0251 Israeli Tourism

  • HIST/JWST 0250 Jews in Modern Europe

7. Go to AIPAC Progressive Student Retreat April 19-20

  • This unique opportunity will bring together self-identified progressive supporters of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship to share their perspectives, discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with being a progressive supporter of Israel and develop an agenda for the engagement of greater numbers of progressive pro-Israel political activists. Students will hear from progressive policymakers and opinion leaders as well as those AIPAC officials working most closely with the progressive political community.


With love, blessings, good health, and mazel,