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(Updated: February 24, 2015)


Did you guyz catch the Rangers crush the Islanders last week? We’re so in it to win it – I think we’re gonna go all the way this year and win the Stanley Cup. Even though Lundquist is out, which like, ugh, so sad, we’re still killin’ it. Hockey hockey hockey. We totes beat the Flames 1-0 as I wrote this. Dat’s 2 points. 80 POINTS AND COUNTING. Fingers crossed that we keep winnin’ it…….yo.

Also, like, there’s totes Jewish hockey players. Maybe not like a lot, but like, some. Also, MSG, bro. But like, they’re New Yorkers. Everyone in New York is Jewish. Or enough of us that we can say that. Etc etc. Yadda yadda.

So here’s the deal for this week. IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME OMG. WHY???

1. FEB WELCOME EVENT AHHHH. Dat’s right. Come before services to show some Febs how we Hillel and such. 4:30 in da FIC. We’ll be discussing Jewish things – like hockey(?), latkes, Hillel, Middlebury. Potential Purim Theme. (#twopresidentsinarow #shalomshalom #whorunstheworld #jews #didbeyoncegetsomethingwrong(?) #isthatpossible #jewishconspiracy)

Also….it totes leads into….

2. Services!!! 5:30 in da FIC as well. Someone will be leading (it’s a mystery even to me!). Zak will be doing the d’var. Sarah will be gushing. Josh will be chanting beautifully (#didyouhearhimlastweek #SIM #woah #nonotme #theotherjosh #joshisacommonjewishname #jews)

WHICH totes leads into…

3. BREAKFAST FOR DINNER. Yup. Get ready for: frit-tata[fornow], hash[tag] browns, French [support the Jews] toast, and rice Krispy [trick or] treats. Like woah. I’ll be dere. Will you? No? Do you hate happiness? You don’t? Okay, then see you there.

BUT IT DOESNT END THEREEEEE…. Stay after dinner for…..

4. SHUL IN - Remember how much fun these were growing up? Hell yeah you do (PS: Jews don’t believe in Hell so we’re totes safe in the afterlife. Jews just kinda go to the void. Super weird. Whatevs. Def not Hell tho.) Pajamas are strongly encouraged. This goes for all events on Friday. Pajamas for the Febs, pajamas at services, pajamas at dinner, pajamas for shul in. Be there or be a misshapen quadrilateral.

Check out dat facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/386579188188960

…..and the party continues on Saturday with….

5. Schmooze. 5PM on Saturday in FIC. We’ll be discussing Jews and Racial Justice (#letsjustalksaboutit) in preparation for Ta-Nehisi Coates’ visit to campus next week. Havadallah to follow at 6 PM.

k so liek, here’s some other cool things to keep your eyes peeled for:

1. Mark Yo’ Calendars:

March 12 Quint Lecture 4:30-6 Bi Hall 220

Maud Mandel, Brown University – “Muslims and Jews in France: History of a Conflict”

(ps JoshieB went to a lecture on Jews and Muslims and Christians in the Middle Ages today and it was awesome so like this one probz will be too. yay lectures.)

2. JStreet Conference

Join thousands of pro-Israel, pro-peace activists — including around a thousand college students — for J Street’s 5th National Conference from March 21-24 (OVER SPRING BREAK!) in Washington, DC. At the conference, you’ll hear from a wide variety of speakers and panelists, including Members of Congress, Israeli and Palestinian political leaders, academics, journalists, and more. You’ll meet other students passionate about Israel and resolving the conflict through a two-state solution. And you’ll also have the opportunity to meet with your elected officials in Congress. The conference will be free or nearly free for Middlebury students. Please contact Elana Schrager (eschrager@middlebury.edu) for more information.

3. AIPAC Progressive Student Retreat April 19-20

This unique opportunity will bring together self-identified progressive supporters of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship to share their perspectives, discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with being a progressive supporter of Israel and develop an agenda for the engagement of greater numbers of progressive pro-Israel political activists. Students will hear from progressive policymakers and opinion leaders as well as those AIPAC officials working most closely with the progressive political community. All Expenses Paid. [Note: this conflicts with spring concert. I’m sure you’ll have some (t)pain trying to decide which to do. Ps: JoshieB is hilarious. #shamelessselfpromotion]

4. Center for Jewish History, Seminar on Archival and Historical Research

The Center for Jewish History Seminar on Archival and Historical Research is a four-day (May 18-21) program for rising college seniors to learn the skills of conducting archival research. Participants will be introduced to the vast holdings of the Center’s partner organizations, and the ways those collections are created, stored, and preserved. Teaching sessions will be led by scholars familiar with the collections based at the Center; archivists and librarians of the Center’s five partner organizations; staff members of the Center’s Lillian Goldman Reading Room; and the Center’s Fellows. Participants will have the opportunity to conduct their own research in the Center’s Reading Room, utilizing the full complement of available research tools. Apps due March 27

Send Ira, Sarah or JoshieB an email (or like just respond to this one) for the full pdf with info

5. Tikvah Student Seminar: Jewish Thought, Jewish Literature, Jewish Politics

Three seminars: Leora Batinsky on Jewish Thought: Is Judaism a Religion; Dara Horn on Jewish Literature: Sex, Love, and Family; Daniel Gordis on Jewish Politics: Zionist Statesmanship

Dates: August 3-7, 2015

$$$: All expenses paid plus stipend of $750

App Deadline: March 15, 2015

Peace, Love, Happiness, Bunnies, Disney Movies, and Rangers Victories for all,

JoshieB & Great Auntie Bessie