Middlebury Hillel Board Members

~Fall 2018~

Co-President (Fall18-Spring19)

Cece Alter19.5


Cece Alter is an Education and American Studies double major, and she is well on her way to being the world’s greatest teacher. Cece is a senior feb, and like everyone at Middlebury she’s from California (specifically Berserkly). She loves to cook, spend time outside, and she is very good at listening to people talk about their feelings. She is such a mensch that she teaches at the Hebrew school in town.

Co-President (Spring ‘18-Fall ‘19)

Jenny Moss ’20


Jenny is a junior Feb majoring in International Politics and Economics. In her free time she likes to go running, play soccer, tock climb, and of course, cook delicious food! Jenny is a snowboard instructor, and by nature is snowboard chair of hillel, the most important role besides Rag Master. This is her first year as Hillel leadership, and she is incredibly excited to serve the board and serve some finger-licking good gruel!

Associate Chaplain/Rabbi

Rabbi Danielle Stillman


Rabbi Danielle is excited to begin her work as Jewish Chaplain at Middlebury.  She has previously worked as Jewish Chaplain at Lehigh University, Ursinus College, and as a program director at Harvard Hillel.  She holds rabbinic ordination from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, a Master in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, and a BA in Religion from Oberlin College.  Danielle has traveled and lived in Israel, India, Nepal, Tibet and a few other fabulous countries.  Her Jewish practice is infused with mindfulness and an emphasis on the Jewish traditions which connect us to the Earth.  She would love to have tea with you to discuss all this and more, so please be in touch!

Academic Chair

Mikayla Hyman20


Mikayla is an undeclared Junior at Midd and Hillel’s Academic Chair. She loves to actively engage with the community—both by creating programming with systemic effects and by coordinating/attending fun one-time events. She gives a killer dvar, and loves “Lunch & Learn”. Some say she knows so much that one can learn just by being near her. In her free time she enjoys reading, exploring new libraries, running, trying new foods, creative writing, and crafting! She loves to meet new people so if you see her on campus please feel free to approach her at any time!

Secretary/Jewish Center Manager

Sam Zieve-Cohen19.5


Oh, Sam Zieve-Cohen. Sam is the king of ‘Jew’ography. Not only did he find his classmate from elementary school at Midd (@ board member Hannah), he also met none other than his COUSIN (@ board member Rebecca)! What a supportive beam of sunshine Sam brings to our FIC home; when you’re having a rough day, he’ll be the first to give you a little nugget of confidence.

Outreach Chair

Hannah Krutiansky19


Hannah also goes by her Hebrew name Chana because it’s authentic but probably just to confuse everyone. When she gets excited or is talking to her dad on the phone, she starts speaking Spanish with her dramatic Argentinian accent, and her laugh is so contagious that even if you don’t know why she’s laughing it will also make you laugh. She was supposed to be abroad right now in Israel doing some cool program, but she sometimes confuses her hebrew words and goes into spanish, so we’re glad she decided to wait. She ice skates like a swan, and cares deeply about refugees, especially since her grandparents were refugees. Hannah is from New York and suffers from an upper-west-side superiority complex, even though we know she has come to love the ‘bury. Email Hannah if you’d like to join her Outreach/First Year Liaison Committee!! You won’t regret it. Oh and ask to see her bat mitzvah photos #angsty

Cultural Chair

Sarah Asch19.5


Sarah Asch is a senior feb, probably from somewhere in Northern California based on her Instagram pictures of redwoods and the enormous state flag in her room. Sarah is an English and American Literature major with a concentration in creative writing (#basic). When she grows up she wants to be MacKenzie McHale from Aaron Sorkin’s critically under-acclaimed drama “The Newsroom,” and she already has head start as a features editor on The Campus. Her other collegiate activities include giving tours and helping produce a monthly live story slam event with the Midd Moth-UP. If she hasn’t already shown you pictures of her puppy, she will soon.

Community Liaison

Ben Freedman19


Ben is a Senior from Ann Arbor, Michigan–if you don’t know where that is, he’ll gladly show you on his hand (unless you like Ohio State, in which case he’ll tell you to get out). Yes, he’s majoring in Religious Studies, no, he doesn’t want to become a Rabbi when he grows up. Some of his greatest passions are badminton, reading Reddit posts and Sigmund Freud essays, and reciting digits of Pi (in both English and Japanese). He frequents the Religious Life Council meetings, so if you have any questions about other Religious Life events happening on campus, hit him up!

 Social Media Manager

Abby Browngoehl19


‘Abby from Philly’ is a senior Psychology major. ‘Abby from Philly’ would love to show you photos of her baby niece Sadie so please ask to see them. ‘Abby from Philly’ has a passionate love for Debbie Friedman, and will slowly and inconspicuously transition all of Hillel’s prayer tunes to Debbie tunes. As social media manager, this website is ‘Abby from Philly’s baby, so let me know if you see anything in need of fixing 😉

Social Chair

Yamit Netter-Sweet21.5

Yamit is a sophomore feb from Philly (fly eagles fly!). She hates watching football, but grew a sudden interest in the Eagles during the last few minutes of the Super Bowl and now loves to yell “go birds” after she mentions she’s from Philly. Like everyone else in her feb class, she loves traveling, especially in Latin America. To her Bubby’s dismay, she did not spend her febmester in Israel, learning about her Jewish identity. Rather, she spent time in Honduras, working with kids and then explored Cuba and Guatemala. Yamit is incredibly indecisive and is still deciding between multiple majors. She’ll either leave Midd knowing a whole lot about Spanish, the Middle East, the Environment, Education, Arabic, or some combination of those.

Meals Chair

Lila Sternberg-Sher ‘22.5 & Yamit Netter-Sweet ‘22.5

Tzedek Chair

Bella Pucker21

Bella is yet another J.O.B.. If you’d like more specifics, she’s from Newton, affectionately penned “Jewton,” for good reason.  She is a sophmore feb, and has yet to choose a major, but will likely be headed down the path of Environmental Science. She likes to say that she loves all Jewish foods, with the exception of gefilte fish (perhaps because she is scarred by the time that she spilled it all over her car–the odor is still very present to this day).  She is excited to take on her new role as Tzedek Chair for Middlebury’s Hillel!


Nolan Shapiro21

Nolan Shapiro is a proud NJB from the suburbs of Philadelphia (but he actually lives in Center City, now—he doesn’t like to talk about it…). Unlike many other members of Hillel, he is in fact NOT a feb, which he takes great pride in. Nolan, as well, is none other than a classic Economics major, but he thought he’d spice it up by minoring in psychology. He loves East coast skiing and watching #ShondaRhimesThursdays #RIPScandal #IWantToBeAnnaliseKeating. Nolan can also speak for hours about his father’s past in politics (did he work for the CIA…?) and his mother’s amazing cooking/baking (fun fact: she sent a special order of Rugelach to Colin Powell)—so please just ask!

Israel Chair

Sophie Lavine21

Rituals Chair

Rachel Horowitz-Benoit21

Abroad Hillel Board Members

Ben Dohan20.5


Ben is a proud J.O.B. who is excited to be a part of the Hillel board. He believes Challah is the best kind of bread and sings every single song out of tune. Outside of Hillel Ben is a member of the sailing team, reports for The Campus, and enjoys getting very competitive at trivia night. He has no major and no plans for his future. Friday nights are his favorite part of the week because Hillel’s wonderful chefs serve up the best food this side of otter creek. Ben also promises to only use ritual wine for its intended purpose. He loves the outdoors and sitting in Proc for many hours.

Maya London-Southern20

Maya is a junior from a small town in Vermont called Middlebury, where she went to Hebrew school every Monday and had her Bat Mitzvah (since there aren’t that many B’nai Mitzvahs in Middlebury, it was the party of middle school). She is the head editor of Blackbird Literary Magazine’s poetry board and a member of the prose board. This is her first year on the Hillel board and she’s already intimidated the two first-years that came to the First-Year Mixer.

Cara Levine20


Cara is a junior from New York. She would take all the languages if her advisor didn’t confiscate her add-cards after attempting to enroll in Arabic, French, and Hebrew. She even speaks English!! You can probably find Cara at the Chellis House and French House, and just being all-around amazing. She is involved in J-Street, and has been to Israel like four times. Ask her about Birthright!!

Adrienne Sugarman21


Adrienne is a first year who has no idea what she’s gonna study at Midd. She’s from Jackson Wyoming (it’s okay, no one else knows where Wyoming is either) and is stoked to have moved from the least populated state to the second least populated state!! She always brings a ton of energy to Hillel events, and is super pumped for her first year on the Hillel board. In addition to dragging all of her non Jewish friends to Shabbat, she has *slight* obsession with playing Quidditch and misses her puppers a lot.

ira seated with that man

Rabbi Emeritus

Ira Schiffer


Ira Schiffer was the Associate Chaplain/Rabbi at Middlebury College for many years. He and his family arrived in Middlebury in June 2001 after a five-year adventure living in the north of Israel, where Ira was involved with community building and Arab-Jewish coexistence programs. Prior to that, he served congregations in Newark, Delaware and Baltimore, Maryland for a period of nineteen years.

Ira’s rabbinic training was at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College; he holds a Master’s degree in the History of Religions from Brown University.

In addition to his work as Hillel Rabbi, Ira worked with the students, faculty and staff of the College in supporting religious life on campus and building bridges of understanding among the diverse groups that make up the Middlebury community.