Associate Chaplain

Rabbi Ira Schiffer: ischiffe@middlebury.edu

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Ira Schiffer is the Associate Chaplain/Rabbi at Middlebury College. He and his family arrived in Middlebury in June 2001 after a five-year adventure living in the north of Israel, where Ira was involved with community building and Arab-Jewish coexistence programs. Prior to that, he served congregations in Newark, Delaware and Baltimore, Maryland for a period of nineteen years.

Ira’s rabbinic training was at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College; he holds a Master’s degree in the History of Religions from Brown University.

In addition to his work as Hillel Rabbi, Ira works with the students, faculty and staff of the College in supporting religious life on campus and building bridges of understanding among the diverse groups that make up the Middlebury community.

Complementing his work at the College, Ira serves as Director of Education for Havurah: The Addison County Jewish Congregation.



Rachel Dicker ’14: rdicker@middlebury.edu

Rachel is the president.  An avid dog lover (only golden retrievers), her hometown is somewhere in Oregon.


David Yedid ’15: dyedid@middlebury.edu

Dave is excited and honored to serve as President for Middlebury’s vibrant, small, and open-minded Jewish community. Dave Junior from Long Island, New York. He studies Geography and loves hiking, biking, photography, cooking, discussing intersections of sexuality and religion, and being with friends. Dave lived in Israel after high school through a college leadership program called Nativ and worked at a Jewish outdoor adventure camp called Ramah in the Rockies last summer.


Tzedek chairs

Nathan Weil ’15: nweil@middlebury.edu


Unlike Harry, I have a Klout score of only 33/100. I am one-third influential. Tamer Nafar, an Arab-Israeli rapper, has said that if he can get 1 in 5 people at a concert to think critically about his lyrics than he has succeeded. By that standard a 33 on the Klout scale should put me over the moon – and it has. In an episode of The West Wing, Sam Seaborn calls his one good moment from an entire day in the Oval Office ‘a golf shot’. I will feel a similar sense of success if, as Keeper of the Web, I can help bring one great moment to Hillel this semester. If it ends of being more than that, well, that’s just one of the perks of the job. My name is Nathan Weil and I’m a sophomore Economics major/Mathematics minor. I love all things Kanye and Ratatouille is my favorite movie. If you can bish with that than let’s hang. Shabbat dinner on Friday work for you?



Meals chair

Aviva Shwayder ’16 : ashwayder@middlebury.edu

Hillel pic

My name is Aviva Shwayder and I am super excited to be a meal chair with my co Lee Schlenker. I am from Ann Arbor, Michigan, reppin’ the Midwest. When I first came to Middlebury, Hillel quickly became a home of wonderful friends with whom I could practice my Judaism, schmooze, and eat good food. When not studying and at Hillel, I enjoy running through Vermont’s beautiful landscape, playing the piano, and swing dancing.


Lee Schlenker ’16 : lschlenker@middlebury.edu


Lee Schlenker is this year’s co-chair of food and nomz with Aviva. A connoisseur of gastronomic delicacies, he hopes to cater to the gustatory needs of all jews and gentiles on the Middlebury campus and worldwide. Well, not worldwide – but everywhere that finds itself with hungry Jews looking to feast.

Academic chair


Rituals Chair

Harry Zieve-Cohen ’15: hzievecohen@middlebury.edu


Klout, which ranks how prominent people are online, says that although I am particularly influential on the topic of “Jewish,” I also influence one hundred and eight people on eleven other topics. This makes me, for those keeping score at home, good for a Klout ranking of 56/100 (as of December 28, 2012). Of course, Klout probably is not an accurate representation of my virtual self which in turn probably isn’t an accurate reflection of my endearingly misanthropic real-world self. That self grew up Brooklyn, went to a Lower East Side Quaker high school called Friends Seminary, and attended (attends, really) the singular B’Nai Jeshurun shul on the Upper West Side. My day-to-day existence mostly consists of arguing, food, and media of various sorts—often books and newspapers. The stuff I read about (and watch) is also what I study at Midd—with uncertain success. My focus is Literary Studies but I also devote a good chunk of time to Philosophy and Political Science. I speak Spanish, but hardly fluently. That’s important to know, because conversing with me in Spanish is a good way to get me to talk less.



Molly Kaminsky ’15: mkaminsky@middlebury.edu

Molly is a sophomore from Short Hills, New Jersey. She is biochemistry major with a minor in mathematics, and plans to fulfill all of the pre-medical requirements before graduation. In her spare time, Molly enjoys playing rugby with the Middlebury College Women’s Rugby Club, composing music on the piano, and making bad puns.


Israel chair

Shelby Friedman ’16: sfriedman@middlebury.edu
Shelby is a sophomore from Dallas, TX. As you may have guessed given her position on Hillel’s board, she is into all things Israel. She plans to major in International and Global Studies with foci on the Middle East and Hebrew, and she is a resident of the Hebrew House. In addition to these endeavors, Shelby enjoys practicing her French, keeping up with politics and global issues, reading non-fiction, and cooking various types of southern cuisine for Middlebury’s Southern Society. While Shelby agrees that Texas is in its own category independent of the general “South,” she feels that having spent the first 15 years of her life in Mississippi fulfills any wanting for southern street cred.



Scott Goldberg ’14: sgoldberg@middlebury.edu


Middlebury College Hillel’s Treasurer, Scott Goldberg, is a 4th generation Nebraskan graduating from Westside High School in West Omaha. Loving Temple Israel, his home synagogue, Scott decided to become active in Jewish life on campus. An avid player of the popular strategy game, Settlers of Catan- Cities and Knights, Scott is a senior Economics major with a minor in Italian. In his spare time, Scott enjoys playing in his band, Just Because, running regressions, and logrolling. Scott’s favorite Jewish foods are noodle kugel, cheese blintzes, and gefilte fish. And lox. Well, and hamantaschen too. And rugelach– you can’t forget rugelach. Anyway, if you’re free any day of the week, Scott could eat some Jewish food with you. Just remember: Scott doesn’t roll on Shabbos.


Social chairs

Jake Lessing ’14 : jlessing@middlebury.edu

Jake is a senior Conservation Biology major hailing from New Jersey. He favorite Fall activity is making large piles of crunchy leaves and jumping into them. His favorite tree on campus is the American Elm on the South side of Battell Hall. You can usually find him at the tea house in town, studying in Hillcrest, or napping in the BiHall study nooks.


Keeper of the Web


Chris Kennedy ’15: ckennedy@middlebury.edu


Freshman Liaison

Josh Berlowitz ’16: jberlowitz@middlebury.edu


Josh is a freshman undecided on many things, including his major. He hails from Ardsley, NY, a village smaller than Middlebury in the New York City suburbs.  His favorite Jewish food is parsley dipped in salt water on Passover. It’s delicious, don’t question it.

Stuart Green ’16: sagreen@middlebury.edu


Resident Board Member



Past Presidents

Nadia Schreiber: nschreiber@middlebury.edu