Middlebury Hillel Leadership

~Fall 2016~



Andrew Holtz ‘16.5:


Andrew is a super senior Feb studying Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and German from somewhere Jewish in New Jersey. He speaks German and has dimples so large you could land a plane in them. He enjoys growing plants and you might seem him unicycle around on campus. He’s into academics and knows how to make a pretty cute Candy Torah with just two rolls of Smarties, some ribbon, and an online tutorial!




Sarah Dohan ’17


Sarah is a Junior Joint Environmental Studies and History Major from Lexington, MA. She has two pets, one dog (Bilbo) and one cat (Nina). Her favorite Jewish dish is either Flourless chocolate cake for Passover or challah French toast on Shabbat, which she plans to make for us at some point. She enjoys cooking and baking and other things that are preparing her well for her future of running a Jewish household while crushing it as a high-powered lawyer.





Associate Chaplain/Rabbi

Rabbi Ira Schiffer: ischiffe@middlebury.edu

ira seated with that manIra Schiffer is the Associate Chaplain/Rabbi at Middlebury College. He and his family arrived in Middlebury in June 2001 after a five-year adventure living in the north of Israel, where Ira was involved with community building and Arab-Jewish coexistence programs. Prior to that, he served congregations in Newark, Delaware and Baltimore, Maryland for a period of nineteen years.

Ira’s rabbinic training was at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College; he holds a Master’s degree in the History of Religions from Brown University.

In addition to his work as Hillel Rabbi, Ira works with the students, faculty and staff of the College in supporting religious life on campus and building bridges of understanding among the diverse groups that make up the Middlebury community.




Tzedek Chair/ Secretary

Alison Kraner ’18

Alison is a Psych major from Bethesda or Silver Spring or Potomac or one of those Jewish suburbs of D.C. Despite living in Weybridge, she’s yet to prove she isn’t a total square. She enjoys latkes, even though the oil gets everywhere. Also, she has two dogs she rarely mentions, but she does mention her two sisters a lot so maybe she thinks they are her dogs. Who knows.






Social Chair

Josh Goldenberg ’18

JoshieG is a future doctor from Long Island, NY. He likes kugel and has a pretty cute dog named Rory. He enjoys eating kugel and leading us in the Birkat Hamazon after Shabbat dinners. He sings like an angel, or so we’ve been told, because honestly none of us went to his show last year even though we all told him we did. He can put together great High Holy Day services and chant Torah excellently.



Cece Alter ‘19.5cece

Cece Alter is an Education and Sociology double major, and she is well on her way to being the worlds greatest teacher. Cece is a sophomore feb, and like everyone at Middlebury she is from California (specifically Berserkly). She loves to cook, spend time outside, and she is very good at listening to people talk about their feelings. Among her many passions and activities here on campus, Cece is currently starting a J Street U chapter to raise awareness about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. So if you see her trying to mediate a shouting match, that’s probably why. 

Academic Chair

Caroline Knapp ’18

Israel Chair

Rae Aaron ‘19.5

img_9712-jpgMeals Chair

Sarah Asch ‘19.5

Sarah Asch is a sophomore feb probably from somewhere in Northern California based on her Instagram pictures of redwoods and the enormous state flag in her room. Sarah is an English and American Literature major (#basic) and when she grows up she wants to be MacKenzie McHale from Aaron Sorkin’s critically under-acclaimed drama “The Newsroom.” She’s already gotten a head start on this as a senior writer on The Campus. On Fridays you can find her cooking our delicious Hillel dinners, all of which she planned at least two years ago. If she hasn’t already shown you pictures of her puppy, she will soon.

Ritual Chair

Sam Zieve-Cohen ‘19.5

Freshman Liaisons

Abby Browngoehl ’19abbyb


‘Abby from Philly’ is a sophomore Psychology major. ‘Abby from Philly’ would love to show you photos of her baby niece Sadie so please ask to see them. ‘Abby from Philly’ has a passionate love for Debbie Friedman, and will slowly and inconspicuously transition all of Hillel’s prayer tunes to Debbie tunes. ‘Abby from Philly’ would love a Nice Jewish Boy so all NJBs should show up to at least one Friday night service. ‘Abby from Philly’ says please and thank you.

Ben Friedman ’19

(C)Hannah Krutiansky ’19



Abroad/Past Hillel Board Members


Israel Chair/Treasurer:

Jonah Simon ’18

JoJo is a sophomore from JOB. He had a fish once, he wants you to know, but it died. He also likes Latkes and playing basketball. He’s a big Sox and Pats fan, but don’t let that deflate your opinion of this Green Monster. In this picture, he’s rocking a Cowboy hat, so it was probably taken at a Rodeo Themed Bat Mitzvah Party.





Alex Freedman ’18

Alex is a sophomore studying school from Philly. She’s a Varsity Lax girl, which makes her pretty chill to be around. She participates in Interfaith efforts on campus and is BFFs with Ellen McKay, the Administrative Program Coordinator at the Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life on campus.




Ry Storey-Fisher ’18

Ry is a Sophomore from California. He’s still unsure about a lot of his future, but he’s positive that joining Hillel was the right decision! He’s friendly and polite, and he always holds the door open for pregnant women and takes the middle seat on airplanes.  He also dresses well and likes owls.






Anna Iglitzen ‘17.5

 Anna is a Junior Feb from Seattle. She sings and smiles and shops at Bed, Bath, & Beyond with 20% off coupons on coupons. Outside of Hillel, she cares for the rest of us and plays Ultimate Frisbee. She is rarely found without her Nalgene, especially when engaaging in social justice work.



11908939_10207927139200203_9092434488564839347_oSofi Hecht ’18

Sofi is a Sophomore from Berkeley, CA. She also plays Ultimate Frisbee with Anna. Sometimes it’s difficult to find one without the other, which makes them great co-Tzedek chairs! Sofi lives in the Hebrew House and takes Hebrew and Arabic at Midd. She has a secret passion for lemurs, and can often be found watching and re-watching Madagascar.






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