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Summer 2010 – for Learning Theory, Design and Technology – University of Vermont. Created using the principles of Understanding by Design.

This unit is designed to accompany each program of study at the Hannaford Career Center. The lessons in sum would cover a time frame of 5 weeks, however, the unit and lessons are designed in such a way that they can be taught at intervals over the course of four half day semesters. The career portfolio is a requirement of each program and is a means for students to document and market their technical and academic knowledge and skills to potential future employers or for admission to post-secondary education. During this course of study students will complete some career exploration activities that will enable them to learn more about their own interests and abilities in comparison to those required for different careers. A key component of this unit of study will involve identifying a professional goal and a series of action steps that would logically lead each student to their individual goal. Students will also explore, learn about, and practice how to market themselves on paper and in person for future career and educational opportunities. In summary, this unit of study will help students to become familiar with the soft skills that are expected of today’s professionals and it will also allow them to practice self promotion using real world scenarios.

Career Portfolio Assessment Standards
Career Portfolio Assessment Standards

Welcome to my Eportfolio!

“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.”                -ISAAC ASIMOV

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I was a shy kid who grew up into someone who is mesmerized by communication.  I love to read, write, teach and design and have been lucky enough to find job opportunties where I have been able to maximize these skills. Currently I work in a higher education environment and I love being immersed in a culture of constant learning.

This site is intended to document my accomplishments in these areas of expertise. As you’ll see on these pages I am skilled at managing large scale projects in an organized and disciplined manner by utilizing my strong interpersonal and communication skills. I use these strengths to draw teams together, design a plan, implement those actions while documenting our work so that other teams can be integrated into the project as it progresses. .

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this work. I can be reached via email at hstaffo@gmail.com and you can also find me on linked in at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/hstafford or you can follow me on twitter @hstaffo

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