Professional Presence Redesign

In the fall of 2017 Professor David Stoll approached me about redesigning his WordPress site to update it and make it appear less blocky. Here is a screen shot of the original site. I set about setting up a prototype site where I adjusted the theme and utilized a different way to showcasing images in […]

Try, Try Again

In this case study completed for EDU6319 How People Learn at Northeastern University I was able to examine the concept that “Practice makes perfect” through watching a middle-school student use a tool called “SmartMusic” to practice her flute music. Prior to starting the case study I noted: “Before interviewing or observing the student I wondered […]

Digital Explorers

Digital Explorers is a digital literacy unit that I designed for 9 – 12 grade students to be delivered in an online or (ideally) hybrid manner. It was created as an assignment for the course EDU 6330, Digital Media Literacy at Northeastern University and was inspired by the work of Mike Caulfield’s Digital Polarization initiative […]

Examining Your Digital Citizenship

The proposal below outlines a modular instructional component that was designed such that it could be implemented into existing first year advising and orientation activities. It was developed as an assignment for Models for Learning Design at Northeastern University. Here is a brief overview of the project concept. “Although we often refer to traditional college-aged […]

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