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Update on Physics Courses @ Midd


The current physics requirement for medical school is one year of physics with lab, which generally includes a course on Newtonian Physics and one on Electricity and Magnetism.

Middlebury offers calc-1 based PHYS 0109  Newtonian and  calc-2 based PHYS 0110 E&M l, both of which include labs.  We also offer calc-1 based PHYS 0111, which covers waves, optics and thermodynamics, during Winter Term. Next year, however,  PHYS 0111 will be offered during the Spring instead of Winter, but without lab.

It is the hope of our Physics Department that starting in2015-16 a lab would be added to PHYS 011 and  would continue to require only a calc 1 prerequisite, but this is still in the proposal stage and may or may not become a reality.  Those with calc 2 could continue to select 110.

Note: An  algebra-based sequence is  no longer under consideration by the department.

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