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Building Your School List Meeting TOMORROW at 6:30

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To all students in the current Health Professions Committee process for matriculation to medical, dental or veterinary school in 2015:

TOMORROW at 6:30 in BiHall 104

Meet with Mrs. Wickland about developing your school list and learn how to begin to consider location, size of the the program, distance to family and friends, etc. Do you want a combined MD/MA, MD/PhD program? How many schools should you apply to? What are some sources of funding? Get answers to all of the questions and have the opportunity to ask more. This meeting is meant for juniors and seniors.

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  1. ***BE ADVISED*** If applying to D.O. schools, that Osteopathic Medical Schools highly recommend (and many REQUIRE) applicants to have shadowed a D.O. Middlebury Health Professions does not provide very much information about Osteopathic programs, and applicants end up wasting a lot of time and money.

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