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Hail and farewell:  as of the end of today, Annie’s e-mail will no longer be valid; please direct your inquiries to the Health Professions mailbox.

Just a quick reminder, though:  most AMCAS questions can really and truly be answered in their on-line instruction manual!  Other gems of information may be found in the Next Steps e-mail (sent to current applicants on May 9, 2013).

Mrs. Wickland will be out of town from Wed., June 26, thru Friday, July 5.  Indicate if your concern is urgent; a staff member [Colleen Norden] will communicate with her accordingly.

For the rest of the summer after her return, Mrs. Wickland will have appointments with current applicants only. These may be in person or by phone. Schedule an appointment by calling (802) 443-2455 [we do not make appointments by e-mail].

Middlebury students who are not yet applying and would like to speak with her should call for an appointment as soon as they return in the fall.

Check in with the coordinator in Adirondack House 102 [and sign in on the reception computer], before meeting with Mrs. Wickland.

Best of luck to you all!


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