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Thank you for providing your perspective on the effectiveness of Middlebury’s Honor Code. Please share your thoughts on any or all of the questions below, as well as any other comments you’d like the Honor Code Review Committee (HCRC) to consider. All feedback is anonymous; no sender information is provided to our committee unless you choose to include your name below.

The 2008 HCRC is currently considering the following questions:

  1. Is the Honor Code working?
    • Are cheating and plagiarism happening at a rate that is unacceptable?
    • Are students responding in the ways the Honor Code requires, e.g. proctoring each other and taking action when violations occur?
    • Are faculty members responding in the way the Honor Code requires, e.g. providing clear information to students about what behaviors constitute cheating in their classes, taking violations to the Academic Judicial Board, and not proctoring student exams?
  2. Which parts of the Honor Code do you feel are particularly successful?
  3. Which parts of the Honor Code do you feel are particularly problematic?
  4. What solutions do you recommend to address the problems you’ve identified?

The HCRC will be conducting focus groups with students and staff and faculty members about the Honor Code this winter. If you would like to participate, please submit your name below. The comments you submitted above will be sent in a separate message and your name will not be associated with them unless you provided it above.

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