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T.G.G. Here:

Being an aberration adoration apparition of overwhelmingly astute observation, I understand how well oh so many Midd Students follow the National Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates & ensuing Election. 

But also being a spirit well connected to the vast free spirits in cyber space, I have the good fortune of being able to share this wealth of the weird with you my loyal fans.   Indeed, my friends at the League of Drag Queen Voters or LDQV as they are known, (I kid you not they exist just check out Seven Daysand you can purchase their paraphernalia {t-shirts, caps & cups} at cafepress) just sent me access to the the only preparation you need to enjoy understand the VP Debates.


  The Game has instructions on it and will keep you riveted beyond appearance and focused to the candidates’ words.  Print out copies for yourself and a few friends and see who really wins.

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