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Welcome to  You’ve found one of several virtual locations for the Grille and I, The Grille Ghost am your host for the fun and adventure you will have herein.  See if you can locate the other two virtual locations where I am currently up and running.

Just as the title to this post indicates, while I, The Grille Ghost (T.G.G.) am illusionary – a mere mirage on the screen before your eyes –  the bricks and mortar site of The Grille located at McCullough Hall, 14 Old Chapel Road is not dead.  You can still get food at The Grille.

Despite the fact that north side of McCullough Hall is has become an Emerald City Suburb (ECS) - 

(That is to say the large Emerald City that surrounded the Old Starr Library last year during the construction  the renovations that transformed the building into The Donald Everett Axinn ’51 Center for Literary and Cultural Studies at Starr Library has birthed a smaller version of itself outside McCullough.) - 

The Grille, Juice Bar & Midd-Express are still open and operating.  Beginning Monday September 8 th The Grille & Juice Bar will return to their regular 2 AM closing.  Until that time check the posted schedules as closing times will vary.

Please leave a shout out to T.G.G. here and see what transpires. 

Also check back soon to see future posts such as:

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